Monday, October 3, 2011

Picnic at Hyde Park

Hi Anna!

What a lovely weekend it has been for me and I felt extraordinarily happy to be in London! I'm currently laying in my bed typing and reading your post has definitely topped off my weekend. I think I should video myself when I am reading your posts so that you get a better idea of my reaction and how much I enjoy reading them.

Thank you for sharing a few pages of your diary! Was the night we drank that bottle of red when we went to Mez? Good times!!! Oh and the beach with your little radio! Your drawings are delightful and I really like the one with the owl on it. Maybe I should do that with my blank floral diary?

All the food photos in Salzburg made me hungry! It's been a while since I went out to a restaurant. In fact, last would've been with you for our last dinner/ parting dinner in Barcelona. Sob sob :( My favourite photo is the one of you in the maze peeping out! I have never been inside a maze like that before and your photos make me want to visit Salzburg. You make everything seem like lots of fun :)

As for digging out old photos, I'm a little worried thinking about who-knows-out-there reading our blogs and stumbling across unflattering photos. It will be good fun though reflecting and laughing at the things we got up to. Looking forward to trips down memory lane!

I also noticed that you have uploaded photos on FB! YAY! I think I might skip uploading mines. I think I'll end up having very similar ones. The ones you picked out would be the same as what I would put up minus a few unflattering ones.  Oh and the ones in Ibiza before heading out were HILARIOUS!!! I am surprised you didn't put up the er.. pillow fight ones. I was clicking through and waiting for them to show up but thank goodness they didn't. Currently I have the one of us in lying in bed together as my wallpaper. Just to point out to our readers, no it's not anything dirty.

The floral dress and all the other clothes I wore in Spain will forever have the memories of our travels attached to it. Not sure if I can bear to ever part with those clothes even when they are tattered.  This outfit that I wore today reminded  me of SPAIN too! I think you might be getting sick of photos of myself but today I blew dry my hair and I've never realised how long it has grown until I looked at this pic! I need a haircut real bad but I can't decide on whether to do a trim or get it into a bob again.

I think I look better with my hair up and it's easier to maintain and requires minimal styling so maybe I will get a trim? But I liked having a bob too! Decisions.

A warm sunny Sunday was to be taken advantage of and spent in the park so I couldn't turn down Kristin's offer to spend it in Hyde Park with her friends. I know Kristin through a friend of a friend.  Initially I planned to head to Hampstead Heath and read and bake there for a bit but I'm glad I went to Hyde Park instead. I love how easy it is to catch the tube and walk down Oxford Street, grab some food and drinks and walk to the park.

My cute little can of Pina Colada!
Some of the food brought along
A very international bunch. I'm there representing Australia, two are Spanish, one Italian, one Turkish and Kristin is Swedish.
A day like this makes me love London a billion times more.
Walk back from Hyde Park to the station
Chalk graffiti on the pavement. There were lots of other web addresses scribbled down too.
The way home! 

I was there from about 2pm until 6pm. I tried to get some tanning going on but I don't think I was very successful. On the way back I took some videos I thought I'd share with you including some Peruvian buskers. Well that was what came to mind when I heard the music.  I'm going to try and do more videos and also do a post a day even if it's only a short one.  Enjoy!

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