Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna's wildlife documentaries in Europe

Hey Chia!

That's so good that you haven't eaten out yet! I want to save money (and be a little healthier) and so far I've eaten out a few times already!

Ah! I am unsure whether it was the Mez date... I think the Mez date happened earlier this year! But I think it may have been when we went to Burswood, ate at Siroccos, got tipsy and then got our cocktails on at Minq and you were Jane and I was Emma!

Salzburg is a lot of fun! The maze was pretty cool to explore in the morning because there was no one there! Kev and I had the luxury of taking our time and playing around in it. It's not a huge maze, its more like a bunch of tall, neatly trimmed hedges which lead nowhere a lot of the time.

You look so pretty with your hair out! Why didn't you wear it like that when I was with you?? =(

The picnic outing looks so relaxing, and it just makes me want to roll around in the sun, not thinking about anything! OH and your videos! To me it is as if you are still on holidays! I will try to get some video footage for you in the future, but to be honest... there is not a lot I can video here. No! Wait! I will try and find something for ya! If time permits of course.

Anna's Wildlife documentaries

So, you are probably wondering what this is all about. Well, while I was in Europe, (and actually every trip I've been on) I have been able to get some interesting videos with animals. But this time, I thought I'd publish the episodes filmed. Hope you like them!!!

All about Swans - Zurich

Pigeon dance - Zurich

Marvin the Marmot - Jungfraujoch

Big lipped fish at Helbrunn Palace - Salzburg

Hamster wannabes - Geneva

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