Sunday, October 23, 2011

First day in Budapest

Anna you are looking STUNNING in that photo! That dress and hair all looks fab on you! I love it!!! You have skills with the curling iron I tell you! Feeling a little regret chopping of the hair and jealous that you can get yours looking as if you've just had it done at some fancy salon!

Today was my first day in Budapest. I managed only 2 hours of sleep last night and I can't believe how much I managed to get done today and it's 10.30pm and I'm still awake even after such an early wake at 5.30am. When I was in Gatwick Airport I thought about us and how we were there about two months ago waiting to  depart for Valencia. I haven't been feeling the greatest and a little worn down and wasn't that excited about the trip either.

I took public transport to get to the hostel but had to ask for directions when I got out of the metro station. I approached a couple and they had no idea because they were tourists themselves and were lost and they had no map! I took a few from the airport tourist info booth so I gave them one of mine and helped them get their bearings a little. My good deed was paid off when a guy who also a tourist, helped me find the hostel using his GPS thing. I really the hostel that I am staying because it is is rather hip and funky and the bathrooms are extremely immaculate and fancy. Almost like a b & b but you're sharing the room. I  can't believe I'm paying about 10 pounds a night to stay here! There are 6 beds but at the moment only 3 of them are occupied including mines. I swapped hellos with the other two and they seemed really tired and went for a nap while I was settling in.

After about an hour of rest I decided to get some air and stretch my legs a bit. When I arrive in a new place I get too excited and I like to go for a wander rather than nap. Besides I didn't want to mess up my sleeping patterns. I went for a walk towards the river and was amazed at how clean and beautiful it was. I could really tell the air was a lot cleaner and smelt fresher than in London. I noticed that I was the ONLY solo female Asian around and I definitely felt like I had more stares here than in London.

Sorry that I have to make this short because I need to get some sleep now. I would love to go into more details but I'll leave you with some photos. You can see the rest on my FB :) I've added comments on those too :)
On the way!!!

Looking down from my bed

On the bridge looking at Parliament and Danube River

ANNA! I smiled when I saw this!

Yup I'm in Budapesti!

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