Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi Anna

I made the most amazing pies ever! I, for once successfully adapted a Shepherd's pie recipe using leftover vegetables  and made these delicious muffin sized pies. I had them for dinner last night and lunch and dinner today.
Yummy mashed potato lids. Need to work on the presentation though.
Today there was a short class trip/ walk to the local park. I loved that the trees were shedding their leaves and the crunch and rustling as you walked on them. The kids were allowed to roll around in the leaves and they were absolutely thrilled. It was wonderful to see them so happy and doing things like lying down and trying to make snow angels out of the leaves. I was extremely paranoid about losing any kids or any other incidents during our 20 minute walk crossing roads and walking on the paths from the school to the park. Only emergency was a boy that was in desperate need of the toilet. However I did have a moment of fright when I thought I lost two kids. Turned out they decided to run ahead of the line. Thank goodness they only have 2 trips in a school year.

To the left is where they were allowed to run wild! I was a hold-your-partner's-hand-and-follow-the-line Nazi at all other times.
It was nice to come back home and wind down by reading your blog. The videos were amusing to no end. I loved the pigeon one especially when they decided to do their little 'dance' and Kev's puppetry. It also took me 3 goes to figure out that it was you and Kev gargling water (Was that what you were doing?) and even after that, I still can't quite figure out how you managed to film it. I think you should definitely keep posting more videos and I hope I see some of Perth in your videos. You could make a living out of making your uniquie animal documentaries :p

I need to decide where I should go in 2 weeks time for the school holidays. It won't be nearly as fun without you though. I'm really excited that I am working full time now and it's easier to save up than when I was doing relief work. I LOVE how Europe is just a skip and hop away but there are so many places to see I cannot make up my mind!

Time for bed now. I have been getting 7 hours of sleep. Sounds average for most people, but I only function 100% on 9 hours of sleep.

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