Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rockclimbing shoes

Budapest! Oh how that is wonderful news to hear! I know you will have a great time exploring! I can't wait to see photos! Are you on school holidays again?!

I would be doing the same thing if I were working in London! It would be such a waste to be somewhere that is so close to wonderful things, and beautiful sites, that are too far away to visit when you are back in little old Perth!

I want to write that I am jealous, because I am, but let's not put a negative spin on your news. I'm just so happy you're going!

Back here, I've been busy with work and getting my fitness back. I've started running, and tried boxing for fitness on Tuesday night. Man that was a work out! I was so exhausted, and totally wrecked. It was definitely the first thing, in a long time, that pushed my limits. I woke up yesterday with sore lats, shoulders, upper back, and even my intercostal muscles (as breathing in was sore around my ribs). I then ventured out to rockclimbing with Chinny after work.

I ended up buying a 10 rockclimbing pass before I went to Europe, and so I decided to buy some rockclimbing shoes since I'll be going frequently, and because hiring them is gross. They smell and feel rank. No one wears socks with rockclimbing shoes. Also, Chinny and Thien had mentioned that there were shoes on special for $79 (apparently that's an awesome price, because shoes are like 100 upwards).

Anyways, arrived at the rockclimbing gym and didn't see any shoes for $79. The cheapest that I saw on sale were $125! Noooooooooo!

However, above a small pile of boxes, near the floor I saw a sign saying $39. I asked the counter if that was for shoes, and they were! I asked what sizes, and the counter guy said 'only very small sizes like 5s'. I asked if they had 5.5, and he confirmed with 'oh yes we do!'

I was so excited! Such an awesome purchase! I wore them straight away!

I've woken up still super sore, but I can now add forearms to that sore list! =D

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