Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Central Market and lots of walking

Hi Anna

Today I visited the Central Hall Market which was about a 15 minute walk away. It was really easy to get to and wasn't hard to find at all.

The ground level sold fruits, vegetables and spices. Everything is arranged so neatly! It's as if each item has its place.
They sure like to decorate their pumpkins here
The top level sold Hungarian souvenirs and food. This was where I had my beef stew with rice. No idea what the Hungarian name of it was. I just pointed and ordered it. Oh I am hungry looking at it again!

Will have to try stuffed cabbage next time
I really needed something to satisfy my sweet tooth after my meal so I tried some cookies. These were the 2 out of 4 cookies left. I devoured the other two :D They were so yummy! Soft but not too buttery with jam fillings. The chocolate swirly one had a spongy chewy texture which was surprising but yum! I wish I bought more.

I love how they are decorated
According to a sign, the basement level sold fish and pickled vegetables but I didn't bother because I wasn't in the mood to smell fish. Maybe I'll revisit and see if there are some nice pickled vegetables to try.

I spent the rest of the day walking around the area near the hostel. It is known for the Jewish quarters. I also came across St Stephen's Basilica and I'm excited that you get to see a full shot of me and not just my head!
 Odd and slanted angle
For dinner I had goulash soup in a placed called Bali Caffe. Made me think of Bali. It was very similar to the dinner last night except it had chunks of beef in it. Very hearty and filling and before I finished it I knew that I needed to walk it off. I decided to walk across the bridge and further down so I was almost  opposite the Parliament. Budapest looked absolutely magical and romantic at night. There wasn't many people around but I certainly felt safe at all times.

Tomorrow one of my mission is to try some Hungarian cakes and pastries.

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