Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On a Saturday night!

I totally blame Saturday night for sleeping 12 hours straight from 600pm Sunday night and waking up this morning at 615am only because of my alarm.

Lauren and I met up in Camden. Remember that place I took you? Well we wanted to meet there because we both live near ther but we didn't know where to go so I googled and we ended up going to a place called Bar Vinyl. Turns out that they had happy hour cocktails for 4 pounds! They seriously were the best tasting cocktails I've ever had! I had something called Bramble which had raspberry puree and some other mixers and a Mojito. Yummo! They were downed very quickly. Bad mistake because I hadn't eaten before that. Soon after we went to a burger joint called Hache (since being recommended to it, I've always wanted to go) and by chance it was next door to the bar. While waiting to be seated we ordered a bottle of white and that really was a pleasant and easy drinking wine that went down too fast. We shared a cheeseburger on ciabatta brad and it was delicious!
Should've had burgers before drinks @ Hache
Lauren and our late dinner
The night followed by more drinks and wild dancing at Made in Brazil which was next door to Hache.

Something incredibly funny?
I love how London has so many places to explore and we could have a marvellous night on one single side street! Not a place I would've picked but it had a really fun carefree vibe to it. Believe it or not, we called it a night at about 1pm and while waiting for the bus I started to feel extremely exhausted. I also engaged in some sort of conversation with an Israeli guy on the bus about something rather casual/boring I can't even remember right now. Might've been his holiday plans or the likes. I usually wash up before bed but this time I was that tired I didn't even bother turning off the lights in the bedroom.

It is a little concerning that I didn't have a big night yet I was absolutely exhausted on Sunday. Maybe it is a build up of the lack of sleep reduced from myusual  9 hours a night to 7 hours? Hrm..

How was your weekend? More pics of you please! I've missed you :(

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