Saturday, October 8, 2011

A day in the life of a teacher and the missing postcard

Hi Anna!

So much for my attempt at blogging everyday!

Today was mayhem in the classroom and I blame it on the weather. It was a ridiculously windy day and I was freezing the whole time indoors. Anyway, the kids were wild today. Absolutely wild. I'm a support teacher for maths and literacy and I mainly work together with another teacher in the class and on the whiteboard we had a ridiculously long list of misbehaving students. It was unbelievable what they got up to!

This is how my day went today just in case you were wondering. Add in disciplining children every 10 minutes too.

500 Wake up and try to get back to sleep.
615 After almost falling asleep I wake up again to my alarm. Breakky. Can't believe it's FRIDAY!
700 Dash out the door to the bus stop. Freeze to death.
710 Hop on the bus.
720 Hop off the bus and change onto another bus.
740 Hop off and short walk to school.
745 Start gluing in sheets for the children to get me cranking into teaching mode.
800 Interrupted by literacy teacher that I work together with and off for a chat. End up blu tacking things on the wall.
830 Staff briefing but miss parts of it because I got there late. Amazed again at how many staff there are in the school.
850 Bring the children lining up outside into the classroom.
900 Take the children for phonics in room A. Give them a spelling test. Remind child that got 0/10 (!!!) to practice her spellings for homework.
930 Take the children for literacy in room B. They write the beginning of their pirate stories. Strange one involving me as a pirate and being killed by a dinosaur pirate.
1030 Morning play time and I try to cross off things on my to-do-list. No luck.
1045 Children come back inside and have fruit time on the carpet. Tell off child for putting a bit of apple on another child's head.
1100 Take the children for maths in room A.
1200 Lunch time but literacy teacher wants to speak to me about next week.
1255 Ends up it's a long chat and 5 minutes left to shovel down 3 bites of my lunch.
1300 Children back in classroom and guided reading time with 6 children. Trying to take notes while they are reading and listening at the same time proves challenging as usual.
1330 Take children outside for PE. Try to get them organised into lines for a relay. Insanity. Try to teach them how to play Indians and Teepees. More insanity. What was I thinking?
1400 After sitting out 5 children, 1 child desperate to go to the toilet and the rest flying about in the wind, thank goodness it's time to end PE and send them out for their play time.
1415 Children back from play time and they get their Golden Time (free time) Endure about half an hour of metal toy cars smashing into each other, one child sobbing her eyes out and arguments about who gets to role play and be the 'teacher'.
1445 Children pack up and time to get ready for home
1515 Children line up with their bags and wait until their parents arrive.
1530 Back in the classroom and collapse on the nearest chair which of course are tiny and my knees are too close to my chin for my comfort.
1535 Have the rest of my lunch. Moan with the classroom teacher how extremely wild the kids were today but feel bad because it could be because it's Friday and we're all worn down and cranky.
1600 Together with the classroom teacher and the teacher assistants stress about being observed next week.
1630 Thinking it's Friday and I should be out the door by now but I'm not!
1700 Thinking I'm never going to get my to-do-list completed.
1715 I give up and pack some work to bring home.
1720 Chase after a bus and lucky enough to get on it and feel relieved about not having to wait for the next one in 20 minutes
1725 Realised I haven't checked my phone all day and there are 9 messages!!! Definitely feeling the love and I'm smiling all the way.
1745 Perfect timing to catch the connecting bus back home. Feeling smug that I didn't have to wait.
1800 Arrive at stop and walk home.
1805 HOME!

What are your days like?

Remember the postcard we wrote in agesss ago in Barcelona? Well it finally arrived to the recipient after about 4 weeks it was posted.  The big huge stamp covering the part where I wrote Australia may have been the cause of the delay. I gave up on it being received but it sure made my day when I heard it was received! Hilarious!

Tomorrow I will do some work at home which I absolutely dread because it would feel as if I never had a full weekend. I will spend some of the morning doing it to get it out of the way. Chances are I will also wake up  at some ungodly hour and end up baking too.

Happy weekend!

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