Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back at Home

Hi Chia!

I loved your video! Awww it made me miss being with you! I wish I was there to frolic in leaves! And oh my goodness! The food looks awesome! I am so happy that you had such a great time in Budapest!

I also can't believe that it has been 6 months since you moved to London. Actually, to be honest, it feels like a long time, because so much has happened since you left, including our Spanish trip!

I've now just returned home, and have found my laptop, so I can finally blog a proper post with decent photos.


So, one of the things that happened this week was that I decided to do something new with my hair. It just kept growing and growing, and getting a little bit unruly. So on Thursday I went to the hairdressers:

My long boring hair, tamed by a braid for the last time

Lighter and neater!

Not only did my hair change, but Perth changed into a police state for the arrival of the Queen. Lucky for me, my supervisor's office window looked over Government House, and I was updated on any developments. This is a photo of the arrival of the Queen.
Unfortunately, the Queen didn't come out to greet her crowd.

Alicia's Hen's Night

On Friday night I attended Alicia's Pink Pj Party for her Hen's Night. Alicia looked so adorable! And it was great to catch up with friends I had not seen in such a long time. I am sure you will see a few familiar faces Chia!

It was such a great night to reflect on Alicia and Michael's relationship (Or to learn more about their relationship in my case). The girls had organised a quiz for Alicia, where she had to guess what answer Michael would have said in response to the question. Most of the answers Alicia guessed correctly! But Michael had ellaborated and provided such sweet and cute details. The one that I loved the most was:

'What animal would Alicia be?'

Alicia guessed cat, but was wrong. Michael had in fact answered it with baby elephant because though she is a little clumsy at times, it doesn't stop her from trying and looking adorable at the same time. Isn't that sweet! It made me so gushy! =D

After the games and delicious food, we all sat in front of the tv to watch Bridget Jones' Diary, which I had not seen in such a long time! And, oh my goodness, it is such a great movie!

Markets for CHOGM

Yesterday, Kev and I walked around Northbridge and found ourselves outside the state library and the art museum. They had an international food stall there, live cultural entertainment, as well as some markets, which were organised for the purposes of showcasing Perth's talent for CHOGM. One of the stalls I cam across was an aboriginal art stall, which had some beautiful paintings.

Rainbow snake... I remember being told a myth about a rainbow snake when I was in primary school, but I can't remember it now.

I love these eggs!

A car interior painted with aboriginal art
I also looked at the jewelry that they had there, and came across some interesting cute designs. However, it was Kev who found this:

Happy cloud which was given to me from Kev
He has such a good eye for spotting such cute and interesting things. I tend to get overwhelmed and excited with a stall and glance over the whole thing. But now I have a happy cloud that I wear on my shoulder =D

How is London? Have you settled back already?

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