Monday, October 31, 2011

Shiro Izakaya

Hey Chia!

One of the most exciting things has happened in Perth! Do you remember Lawrence? He went to UWA with a few of us. Anyways, today I went to his new Japanese Restaurant, Shiro Izakaya.

It started off with me being on the phone with Kev while flicking through Facebook. I then saw Lawrence's status:
Starting lunch @ Shiro tomorrow, friends only so if you want to come let me know

So I naturally commented on his status, and hey presto! I had a booking for Kev, Clem and I. Then this morning, I changed the booking to include Els and Joce! (You remember Joce from Barcelona right?!).

Anyways, we all finally arrived at Shiro located at 150 St Georges' Terrace. Walking up to this glass restaurant, which looked onto Central Park, made my eyes boggle. When I walked in, I was blown away with its modern interior, its clean lines, high roof and vibrant atmosphere!

We were greeted by Lawrence who was his cheery, cheeky self, and we were shown to our table. I'd like to say that he was accommodating to our 'demands' such as me wanting a 'warm' bowl... or was it balls? Anyways, he returned to our table with one warm bowl, and 4 'normal' temperature ones- thanks Lawrence. =)

Let me list the things that was awesome about this place:
  1. Its modern interior, large windows looking out onto Central Park, and its vibrant atmosphere;
  2. The efficient, friendly and professional wait staff;
  3. Fast service of great quality, and tasty food (eg. We all commented that the salmon on our Alaska roll was very fresh!);
  4. The unique and interesting flavours;
  5. The cocktail menu looks really sweet and tasty; and
  6. They have an upstairs section which also looks out to Central Park.
Here are some photos!

Fresh, and vibrant!

Taco don buri

Alaska roll

Crunchy roll

It was pretty yummo! I can't wait to try their dinner menu (one of their dishes is a roll called 'The Rolls Royce!- How cool is that?!) and their cocktails (once their liquor licence has been approved!)

Just flicking through the cocktail list and seeing things like 'Sake Bomb,' 'Monkey Magic,' 'Shogun Assassin,' etc just made me wish that it was Friday night already, and the weekend was upon us. If it were Friday night, I would be smashing down those cocktails and lounging around!

Because I am no good with reviews, here is a food critic's opinion:

And their restaurant website can be found here. (However, I think they are still working on the website)

Thanks to Lawrence who extended the invite for lunch at Shiro to friends, and for making our first visit a mighty exciting one!

And to all who read this... definitely check Shiro out!


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