Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back to London!

Hi Anna :D

What a treat to hear from you again! I was expecting a delay in your blogs because you've been busy. Instead I'm the one who hasn't been blogging. Last night I was up until 11.30pm trying to blog but it wouldn't allow me to publish it so currently I am typing it up all again.

I missed  home a lot after your blog on Alicia's hen's. I can't believe she's getting married in about 2 weeks time! Wishing I was there to celebrate it :( Looked like heaps of fun having girly sleepover and games. Also warming to see familiar faces and you with your new hair do! Looking gorgeous :)

Lovely photos taken around Perth too! As usual, as much as I love these photos, they make me miss Perth. How embarrassing that I honestly cannot in my mind figure out where the location of the Government house is. I swear I've never seen the building before. Maybe it looks different from the view you've taken it from. Or maybe I need to explore Perth more before I decide to get out of it :p

Of course I remember Lawrence and Joce too :) ah Barcelona! The food from Lawrence's restaurant is visually stunning! It definitely looks fresh and artistically presented to the point that I'd probably take a billion photos from every angle before eating it. How exciting it must be to run your own restaurant! I've always wanted to run a little cupcake and sweets cafe. But then again I've had various aspirations including an Egyptologist and more recently an explorer in the Amazon. They might have to wait until my next life time.

For now, it's back to reality. It's been a rushed transition from Budapest back to London. Yesterday morning I almost slept in because my phone was in pm and the alarm was set on am so it would've been 12 hours late for me when the alarm eventually went off! It was a real struggle for the last couple of mornings. I miss Budapest already and will miss it more when I look through my photos and upload them on FB.

It's starting to get dark early and when I was heading home at about 6pm yesterday I saw lots of children. parents AND their dogs dressed in Halloween costumes. I'm surprised that Halloween is really popular here. They go all out on costumes and the children have cute little plastic pumpkin trick or treat baskets for their candy. Some of the houses have also been decorated. It all made me feel deprived that I've never gone trick or treating.

A few photos that I thought you might like. One of the things that really made me laugh when I was in Budapest were the modern exhibitions in the art gallery. This was my favourite one of all and I absolutely love it for the idea and message behind it, being the nature and environment enthusiast I am.

The bear soap dish rotates around whilst all the toys tied onto firewood watch on.

I was fascinated over the collection of cuddly toys! I loved how they had Po the red Teletubbie in there. Some of you may know that I had a serious Teletubbie obsession when I was in high school. Thank goodness it didn't go beyond that.

Which is your favourite toy?

At the end of the gallery they had a room with blank walls and coloured pencils on shelves on each side. The idea was for YOU to be the artist.

I wished I had spent some time drawing on it but I didn't leave a single mark there. I wish I wrote or drew something but I couldn't think of anything on the spot. In hindsight I would've drawn some trees or leaves inspired by the season and the parks that I've visited in Budapest.

What would you have drawn if you came across a blank wall in an art gallery?

I want to draw again but I'm finding that I don't have the time or the right mood.

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