Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A childhood hero

Hi Anna!

Oh you have to stop tormenting me with your delicious food photos and restaurant reviews :P Great to see photos of the girls!!! I want a girls night out too!

Did you ever read Tin Tin comics or watch the cartoons as a kid? I clearly remember discovering and loving them and the mystery and adventures that he got up to with his dog Snowy. I loved the places his mysteries took him like Tibet and South America and it made me in awe of the world. I'm sure my brothers would remember how much we loved the comics and we would obsessively borrow and rush home from the library  to read them.

I've been dying to catch a  movie and upon hearing great reviews, I asked Lauren if she wanted to watch  The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn on Saturday night.

It was my first 3D movie believe it or not! I thought I'd get motion sickness but it was seriously action packed and a lot of fun. It made me nostalgic and a kid again! The animation and effects were outstanding and I'd highly recommend anyone to go watch it regardless of whether they've read the comics or not.

We went to the cinema at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush and across the road was the hostel I stayed where I first met Lauren. I haven't been back since moving into my current place and it made me nostalgic again! Two bouts of nostalgia in one night!

We had dinner after the movie and then we headed to a pub to meet Lauren's friend.

Chicken and leek pie
I do like the frames! 3D glasses - lens = geeky? Or as Lauren puts it ;the teacher look'

During the day I also called home and it was so good to hear from my dad and my younger brother. Now that I'm older and living far away from home, it's made me miss and appreciate them a lot more. I wonder when I'll see them again!

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