Monday, November 14, 2011

Skating fun

Hi Anna!

I had one of the best weekends in London.

Lauren and I went skating on Saturday. I had HEAPS of fun! I loved it so so so so SOOO much! I couldn't stop smiling while I was skating. It's been ages since I skated. I remember the last time was with El and the PCEC crew. Gosh that would've been 3 years ago?

Eagerly waiting for our skating session to begin

Whee! Watch us skate :D

We didn't fall over yayyy!
It's incredibly exciting to experience the lead up to Christmas in winter. Everything is a lot nicer and magical compared to a hot dry summer. Loving the window displays in the stores and lights

Display in an antique store
Display window of Harrods
Lights on Oxford Street
I also got some winter items from Zara and Uniqlo. That store reminded me of you :) But my favourite purchase was from Top Shop.

At night it was Claire's birthday pub crawl in Camden. We were taken to 4 different places during the night and at each place we got a free shot of something. Thanks to this Sambuca is growing on me, and my cough is worse.

This is Lauren and Lisa doing a little promo haha! OMG my voice is RASPY!

There were about 50 or so that came along including Claire's friends. I also met a guy that went to high school with Drew. How random! I met lots of people and had lots of random conversations and my voice deteriorated  as the night unfolded. I had Claire's camera for a short while and it was fun taking candid photos. I also did a little bit of The Hangover and took random photos of strangers. You can have a look at them on FB. They made me chuckle when I looked at them again in the morning because I forgotten that I had taken them.

How was your weekend? I hope your hives have disappeared by now :(

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