Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dinner at Shiro Izakaya

Hi Chia!

As you know, once I have my mind stuck on something, I tend to get a little obsessive over it for a little while. And at this point in time, it's Lawrence's Restaurant- Shiro Izakaya! So here is my second post about this place! Last night, I ended up returning there to try their dinner as Shaz had organised the booking and for our GNO.

I still can't get over how beautiful the place is! Especially at night when they open up their windows allowing the ground floor of the restaurant to become part of Central Park.

The waitress' uniform at night is more formal!

After a few hiccups on getting to the Restaurant, Shaz, Els, Joyce, Sarah and I finally were together at our table.

Our waitress, who had served us at lunch on Monday, was the same one last night! She was super friendly and helped us get a happy snap- this is one of us being 'Japanese'. 

Even though Lawrence wasn't there, he had arranged for a plate of boiled edamame for us to nibble on throughout the night.

I've never had these before, but these were yummy! Soft enough to split open and eat the beans inside!

So while nibbling on the boiled edamame, we all become really excited about what we had in store for dinner as we started selecting our dishes. We ended up deciding to try as much as possible, and so we ordered these dishes:

Ocean's 5 sashimi - So fresh and smooth. For a person who doesn't eat a lot of seafood normally, if I get served this every day, I'd convert to a seafood lover for sure!

Yellow tail sashimi

Their 'special' of the night - Beef cooked in its own sauce. So tender  and juicy! Such a surprise coming from a Japanese styled restaurant! 

More sushi! Their spider sushi - with soft shell crab inside! Hmmm *crunch crunch*

The Rolls Royce Sushi - OH MY LORDY. This melts in your mouth!  It's got crab, prawn tempura, and more, and I think it from memory, the menu said it was topped with apple sauce and Japanese mayo. YUM! 

Braised toothfish - Again, it melts in your mouth, and breaks away so easily with your chopsticks.

Salmon Aburi nigiri - Salmon belly which is torched at the top! I don't think I've eaten so much seafood and craved for more!

Chicken Teriyaki yakitori

I didn't get a photo of the chicken salad that we had ordered. But let me tell you what was so cool about it. The girls wanted to try their yakult sauce, however, the chicken salad was served with miso sauce. So our super nice waitress said that she will ask the chefs to give us a side dish of the yakult sauce, so we could dip in it as desired. We were all so appreciative of that effort alone. However, when the waitress returned later that night with the salad, she informed us that the chefs had actually incorporated the sauce into the salad! Special dish just of us! It was so yum! The yakult sauce was creamy, with that tang from the yakult. Oh the ingenuity! =)

Quite a few of my friends have tried this place, and have spread the word to their friends and families. And from them, all the feedback that I have heard about Shiro Izakaya have been nothing but praise and pleasure. The thing that I've heard the most is:

It's about time that Perth had a place like this.

I totally agree.

The service was again, was super fast (thanks chefs, and our cool waitress). Once we had ordered, our meals came out as quickly as we hoovered down each dish. And even though Lawrence wasn't there, the staff were friendly, sweet and tentative. Dan and Raf (who are Lawrence's partners) had also checked in on us, ensuring that things were ok.

Me with Dan, Lawrence's older brother. I took this photo to prove to Lawrence that Dan was at Shiro and not at Midori.

After chatting to Dan about the drink situation, he explained that all of Shiro Izakaya's drinks will be boutique; from the sake, to the spirits, to the beer. This really made my ears ring hot and I got that little burst of excitement in my stomach! I can't wait to see what they have to offer when their liquor licence is approved! (And as I posted previously, their cocktails sound so fun!)

Here are a few of our happy snaps after finishing our cloudy apple:

Snap while Els and Sarah were in the ladies.

Els and Sarah

Our last pic of the night
After leaving Shiro, we headed to northbridge and spent the rest of the night at Utopia singing our little hearts out! I want to keep this post clean, so lets just say, we had a very good time! Starting awesomely with a great tasty eating experience at Shiro, and ending it all sung out and satisfied, sometime in the early hours of this morning!

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