Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey Chia!

I love that exhibition! I need to get a photo off Kev that he took of an exhibition in Geneva. It was environmentally conscious and it reminded me of the exhibition you posted!

I think I like the big fat grey bird toy! It looks so cuddly!

I don't know what I'd draw of I were given a blank wall. I guess it would depend on the mood. I could see myself writing a happy (and hopefully inspiring) message if I didn't k ow what to draw. =D

Ah! As your days in London are getting shorter, Perth's days are getting longer. This year we have been having a wetter spring. We have been getting rainy muggy days, and all night rains too. It's good for our forever shocking water levels, and it reminds me of Europe. It really is a strange feeling to have 'so much' rain in Perth. (so much meaning as compared to the little to no rain that Perth is accustomed to).

Yesterday I met with a surprise at my desk in the afternoon

It was 6 bottles of Tasmanian wines! I don't know If I had told you earlier, but when I attended the ALIA conference my name was pulled out of a draw for these wines! It was such a surprise because of the size of the conference and the fact that as my name was being pulled out of the draw, I was thinking:

"I never win these things!"


So I ended up giving half to my firm, and kept the other half for myself and my parents! =)

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