Monday, November 21, 2011

Alicia & Mike's Wedding

Heya Chia!!!

Oh my! Alicia's wedding was so beautiful! It was so sweet, simple and honest. I loved it, and felt so honoured to have been there to see Alicia tie the knot!

The venue was perfect, the weather was perfect, even the people were perfect!
The uni gang

Some of the Rossmoyne Crew that you may recognise
What wonderful moments! The 2 special moments for me was seeing Mike's face when he first saw a glimpse of Alicia when she started walking down the 'isle', with the warm spring breeze, under the clear sky, and a beautiful acoustic song (which I really want to find the name of it!), and when Alicia and Mike gave their vows. It made my heart melt, and my eyes go teary! I couldn't believe that little Alicia from first year uni, was getting married.

Mike seeing Alicia walk down the isle

Beautiful Alicia and her brother!

Alicia & Mike
They are perfect for each other.

Reception Dinner

Just like the ceremony, the reception dinner was intimate and sweet. Looking out onto the Swan, we were able to catch up with old friends, reminise on the old days when we were younger and naive, and of course, celebrate Mr & Mrs B!

Terry and Clem at our table

Mr & Mrs B cutting the cake

What can I say, there is something magic about weddings.

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