Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey chia!

We can be buddies! While your all sniffles, I'm all zoinked.

Since yesterday, I've been pretty exhausted. It could be because I've been waking up at 5.30 every morning this week. Monday to yesterday was by choice. Monday I had a funeral to attend, and then Tuesday and Wednesday I went for runs to the beach. However, this morning. I laid in my bed wrecked.

Anyways, on some fun note, Kev has started looking at some cars! We went to the dealerships last night and had a test drive of 2 potentials. I have my heart set on one, though the other car was pretty alright too. But the decision is Kev's, so I don't want to influence him too much (though I think he could tell from my attempted muted excitement, which one I loved.) I totally loved the first car we test drove, and if Kev ends up with another car, I know that my dream upgrade car has definitely changed from being merely a newer Honda Jazz!

But Kev's still shopping. So there are more cars to have a look at. I'll let you know which car he ends up getting, if he does end up getting one.

Until next time sniffles.

- Zoinked.

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