Monday, November 28, 2011

High Tea Cooking Class!

Hi Chia!

Awwww your winter wonderland photos really DO look like Christmas! I can imagine that when you go to Austria it's going to be even more wonderful! I am super jealous! Back in Australia, our weather is hot one day, then cold and rainy the next, which is no where near the typical Australian Christmas- where you are dying to hit the beach after eating Christmas lunch!

Last Sunday was quite a day! Shaz, Els, Kev and I bought Joyce a high tea cooking lesson at the Cooking Professor for her birthday.

So we all arrived at the school at 9.50ish, and were able to get our aprons on and start cooking. We were all split up into pairs or solos (as we had a small class with only 9 students) and we were all given a different item to make.
Shaz, Kev, Me, Els and Joyce getting dirty in the Kitchen

Joyce was allocated eggs on brioche... it sounded quite hard because Joyce had to figure out how to boil an egg with its yoke still soft and semi gooey, but without it being not cooked. Eventually she found the perfect consistency and was able to start cutting them up for her brioche.

That's some nice chopping
Joyce's finished product!

Els and I were allocated sandwiches. Now, I volunteered sandwiches because I was daunted at the idea of messing up one of the other dishes. But our teacher informed us that making a good sandwich was very hard. And, it was! Els had to make smoked salmon butter, and I had to make my mayonnaise from scratch. We then had to prepare the fillings by cutting them to the size of the slice of bread, and then we had to slice the bread all neat, thin and the same uniform shape.

Els and I with our sandwiches
Shaz and Kev endevoured to make a banana and walnut loaf! However, I remember mid way through our cooking, I walked past their station, and saw them watching our teacher very quietly with a slightly goofy and smile as he was working with their bowl. I asked them what was going on... and they both just chuckled saying that they had a liiiittle bit of difficulties, and he was fixing it up for them. They finished up first though! And started to help us out.

Here's Shaz being helpful:

Shaz craddling her loaf of bread.

Finally, we were able to plate up our high tea tiers.

We served fruit scones, sandwiches, banana and walnut loaf, Christmas cake and chocolate eclair, together with the egg on brioche.

Our high tea tiers nearly finished!

Our table! I love the tea cups! They also had matching tea pots!

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