Thursday, November 10, 2011


Morning Anna :)

I'm impressed! I can now jog longer than 10 minutes.

On the way up the street I saw fireworks that went on for about half an hour! Where in the world would you be able to just happen to catch some fireworks? Apparently it is legal to buy your own fireworks and set them off. It was quite spectacular (not the fizzle pop kinda stuff) and a shame that no one else was bothering to look at them. Londoners sure make fireworks as exciting as brushing fluff from your coat.

That is all for today. Parent meetings tomorrow evening and I am suppose to be helping HW plan our trip to Germany, Czech and Austria!!! I've spent Chrissy in Singapore with her and New Year's in Egypt. How exciting that this year it may well be Chrissy in Prague and New Year's in either Salzburg or Vienna! Waiting to hear from you soon :)

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