Friday, November 4, 2011

Having a crepe-y day

Hi Anna!

What a lovely delivery! Perfect for the weekend coming up :p Lucky you :)

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I feel worn down than usual from work. More changes have been made at work and it's doing my head in a little. I shouldn't complain because I love what I do but combined with a few other things it's making this week harder to get through.

Anyway, this evening I was suppose to go see Shaz because she is moving back to Perth. Hopefully she will be back in London in March. Today's one of those rare occasions when I am really not in the mood to socialise and I'd most likely be terrible company anyway.

Your blogs are always something I eagerly hope for at the end of the day, and so has been playing Words With Friends online. I think it's that interaction that makes me feel like I have a 'social' life even if it's online :) Other highlight of today was having a chocolate and banana crepe from the little crepe stall on the street. Not sure if I showed it to you when you were here.

Perfect for my sugar craving and the cold weather!

I just had dinner and right now I feel like doing absolutely nothing and watching a good movie or something in bed. I miss watching movies! I wonder if there is anything good out in the cinemas...

Have a lovely weekend!

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