Monday, November 14, 2011

Kings & Queens

Ah! Winter looks fantastic in London! I really like that photo of the window of Harrods! It's like spooky, romantic and christmassy all in one!

Your videos make it seem like you are still on holiday! And I wish I could be there too! How cold is it now? When will it snow?!?!?

On my side of the world, weather is warming up, however, there is still rain! Can you believe it? Rain in Perth! Anyways, last Friday Shaz and I made our way to Mandurah for the Kings & Queens indoor beach volleyball competition which was held in Port Kennedy on the Saturday. Friday night ended up being low key, with the two Bens playing 'golf' and the girls painting their nails!

Lauren has the biggest nail polish collection! And not only that, she can paint them really well too! We were painting our nails because Lauren, Shaz, Kat and I had decided that our uniform would be all black, and then one distinctive colour. Shaz took pink, Lauren took green, Kat took blue and I took yellow. So our nails turned out like this:

Team shot!


Lauren's signature 'ring finger'.

I don't know why, but having our nails painted in such pretty colours got me all excited!  It wasn't a big night though, as most of us were quite tired.

Game day was great fun! I was nervous at times because we haven't played in a team together before, but we did really well. Unfortunately, we came like 4th, and so we didn't win any prize money, but the game points were really close and yea. It was just fun all round.

Here are our team photos:

Pooped from our 7 games

Lauren looking unimpressed at us

Full action BABY!

Twas a great weekend!

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