Friday, September 30, 2011

Pretty floral things


Terribly sorry for not blogging. I just can't find anything interesting to blog about lately. I haven't been out, I've given up on putting effort into going to events organised by the networking site and getting rather comfortable with work life. I really enjoy it now that everything is routine and I feel productive and content everyday. I wake up at 615am and I get home at about 6pm and I end up neglecting the blog a little especially this week because it has been unusually warm and I've been out soaking the last bit of sun during my walk after work.

I can't believe you put up that photo of us! I honestly forgot we even baked cookies but that photo brings back memories. Oh a trip down memory lane! Made my day to see that photo. Ha ha! I bet you've got more to dig out. Unfortunately I don't have photos dating before 2009 thanks to me dropping my HD. I can't believe how long we've known each other for and the things that we got up to. Remember Dunsborough? HA HA!

Thanks for posting all the photos from Salzburg. You look incredibly cute on the segway! That made me smile! :D  Loved the other photos and it made me want to go to Salzburg although I've only seen Sound of Music once and I can hardly remember any part of it apart from the woman singing in the hills and children. Nevertheless I am sure I would've loved it because of the scenery!

Now let's see where I can dig for some visual stimulation for you. How about some of my recent purchases from the weekend? Well below are a set of 3 different shades of recycled leather (first I've heard of recycled leather!) passport sized notebooks.
Can't get enough of polka dots and pretty florals!

One of them I've started to use for jotting down keywords that summarises the highlight of my day. So far I've written things like:
Irish yoghurt from Sainsbury
Chris's spicy chicken recipe

Yes most of my highlight of my day revolves around food but I also have written a few other ones like:

Video chat with Mr D whilst baking.

 I wanted a small notebook to compile at least one happy positive thing each day because it makes me really think about the positive side of life and it will be something I can flip back to when I'm having a downer to cheer me up. I still keep a diary, but I think this will be fun to flip through a few years down the track. I wished I did something like this earlier.

Today my Amazon order arrived and along with it came was a book called Guns, Germs and Steel. This was recommended by the Spanish boys on my Thailand trip and I've been meaning to read it since. I also purchased a blank fabric hardcover diary and an address book. Look at how pretty the covers are!

I'm going to see how writing in a blank diary goes. It's almost too pretty to write in!
I'm going to compile people's address and birthdays in this book
 I also bought this little purse to hold bits and bobs in my bag.

I realised it almost matches my bed covers when I got home
 YAY tomorrow is Friday! May be doing some celebratory drinking this weekend but we shall see! Goodnight!

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