Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi Anna!

My oh my! Your last post was splendid! I'm so jealous and I sure wish I was there drinking 2 steins of beer in less than 2 hours with you and of course the fun we'd have making drunk video calls/text to people. HAHA! I'm thinking about our drunk video chat that night in Barcelona.. heh heh heh.

Loved the photos and the one with the 'porn stars'. You know I wouldn't be surprised if they were. The photo of you and your beer belly was hilarious! Aww but all of your photos make me smile to see you having a super time :)  I remember from my Contiki tour 'Prost' and that I had sore wrists the next day from holding the beer too.

Today I had work at the school that I'm being trialed out for. It takes an hour to get there which is a bit of a pain but still I am grateful for some regular work. I left the school today thinking how I absolutely LOVE teaching. When I teach I forget about everything (and I mean everything! I never think about anything else) and it amazes how much energy I have and it's incredibly rewarding when the kids have a light bulb moment and they learn something from you.

I am going to seriously look for a little notebook to jot down funny/strange/random things that kids say and one day, make a killing by publishing it into a book. This school I'm at consists almost entirely of Middle Eastern  (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Aghanistan etc) origin students and one of the girls today said I looked like a

...ninja!!! Yea a NINJA?!! Maybe because I was wearing an outfit almost entirely of black (black leggings, dress and scarf with white polka dots) but I didn't think so because a lot of the mums were wearing the customary black dress. Then of course naturally the conversation of having small eyes followed and how one could possibly see with such small eyes. I didn't mind the small eyes discussion, but a NINJA?

 I don't think I'm over that one yet.

For now, it's time for bed. It's nice to be in the same time zone as you are because I imagine you are winding down and getting ready to go home tomorrow. I hope you had the holiday of your life and it leaves you wanting more! Yay! Come back soon :p It seems only yesterday that you were in London and we were about to set off for our Spanish adventure. I hope you manage to get those nut nougat things we got in Barcelona back to Pert and that you have a safe and pleasant flight back. Big hugs!

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