Monday, September 12, 2011

Nothing exciting

Hola Anna!

Aw... I miss greeting people with 'Hola'! I know exactly what you mean about the switch in languages. I've managed to stop myself in time from saying  'Hola' and 'Gracias'. It's almost like when I was in Indonesia and I came back to Perth, I found myself thinking of sentences in Indonesian.

I enjoyed your blog in Geneva and I loved the videos! I think you should definitely keep posting them. Is the main purpose of that extra long fondue stick for feeding across the table? Good work Kev and nice hat too ;)

And me? Nothing exciting.  I had an unsuccessful day of baking today. I tried baking chickpeas but they didn't turn out very well. A little too soft. I think I need to stick them in the oven longer but I didn't because the shells started popping out like popcorn and when I took them out of the oven, one popped right in front of me! Not sure if that's suppose to happen. Who knew baking could be dangerous?

Don't even ask about that lemon poppy seed loaf. Note to self: never alternate recipes to make them healthier. I cut out the sugar and butter and it tasted like pillow stuffing. Bland bland bland!

I'm still in holiday mode and it is a struggle to get back into it. I miss waking up next to you (HAHA!)  and sharing food with you! Muah!

Happy holidaying and I can't wait to hear more on your adventures!

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