Friday, September 23, 2011

Full time work

Hi Anna!

Hope you are well rested after your long flight! You're probably busy unpacking/ cleaning/ washing etc. and catching up on plenty of sleep so please don't feel like you have to blog anytime soon.

I can't believe tomorrow is FRIDAY! Sure comes around quickly doesn't it? For once in a long time I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

Well this week I've been working at the same school and they want me to stay there until next year. The role is a little different because I won't actually have my own class, but I'll be like a support teacher further extending or supporting kids in smaller groups for literacy and numeracy. Plus side is that it's regular work = regular income, down side is that I don't get my own class. That is basically it. I think I will keep going and see how it goes after a few more months. Meanwhile, I'm going to plan my Christmas holiday!

No pictures but on the weekend I'll get around to the blog that summarises our holiday! I wish I was in Spain. Problem is, I still can't decide which city out of three that I love the most.

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