Friday, September 2, 2011

We're in Ibiza Baby!

Currently it is 9am and Anna and I are lazing around the empty reception area waiting to check in. Guess where we're at?- Ibiza!

It was an early morning wake at 3am to catch the flight from Valencia to Ibiza. The flight was only 45minutes so the process of getting there, checking in and waiting were the longest parts. The apartments weren't open for check in when we arrived at 830am but we had the code to enter the building.

... just as I thought that we could contribute to this post together but to my left I find Anna falling asleep on a bench. I am envious and tempted to disturb her purely because I have a hard time sleeping anywhere that isn't a bed or night time.

Ibiza seems to be a quiet town but I have a feeling it's because everyone is in their hotels and just beginning to sleep. Looking around during our taxi ride there were lots of billboard advertisements of clubs. Unfortunately we won't be going to Pacha to see David Guetta as planned because we missed it by a day but this worked out well because we were told last minute that he cancelled anyway.

The plan for the rest of the day is rather flexible and it would probably involve the following in no particular order
-heading to the beach
- exploring the town
- nanna napping
- lunch
- dinner
- pre drinks and getting ready
- checking out bars/ clubs
- deciding on which club to stay for the night/morning
- which cuties to take back to our apartment (we could fit 3 more people!)

I still can't believe that it was only yesterday when we were at La TOMATINA! Anna has blogged about it but I have to say that it was the wildest fun i've had and probably will ever have involving food and guilt free. I couldn't believe how good it felt to scoop up crushed tomatoes and pulp from the ground and blindly throw them at strangers and get away with it. Ok, I wouldn't say throw because there was no room for elbow movement, but more like upward heaves. What a sight it was to watch it all splatter down! Almost like an art form. It was also fun to ditch them at Anna and squash them on her head. Getting hit by tomatoes wasn't as fun but luckily we both survived with no battle wounds. It was disgusting to be tasting fermented tomato juice in my mouth and smelling like fermented tomatoes for the rest of the day until we showered. It took forever getting the seeds and pulp out of our hair and finding a flake of dried tomato on the bed the next morning was a nice little surprise.

That's all for now. We've checked in and I'm off to get ready. Going to explore the Ibiza with my darling Anna (she thinks she's revitalized after her little nap on the bench).

Here's a link to a video of our awesome accommodation (for some reason, blogger did not load the video, but loaded it onto YouTube)

Location:Ibiza, Spain

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