Monday, September 19, 2011

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany


It's been a long time since I've posted!

Awwww! As always, your baking looks delicious! I remember that one piece of biscotti that you gave me when I arrived in London, and that was soooo good! Your raspberry and almond shortbread cookies look yum, and given all the weight I've gained in the past few weeks, I am in a way grateful that I am not there, otherwise, I'd be eating them all! I love your fun photos! Especially the last one! They did increase my interest!

I hope you are not too saddened by your dream of your family and thinking about everyone back home! Everyone is just a phone call/video camera away! Or, if it gets too bad, there is always Christmas time to come and visit us all! =)

Today, Kev and I are still in Munich. I am nursing a slight hangover from the joyous Oktoberfest festivities yesterday! OH MY GOSH Chia! Like my sms's and what I said in our phone call, we would have had so much fun if we went to Oktoberfest together! No joke.

Oktoberfest is like the Perth Royal Show, except 100% bigger and better! Yesterday morning, Kev and I hopped onto a train to Munich in Germany from Salzburg, Austria, to find the train platform filled with people dressed in the traditional Bavarian dress (instead of getting a traditional outfit, I made Kev and I buy Bavarian hats in Salzburg so that we could wear it at Oktoberfest. I thought that was a large leap to getting into the spirit of things! However I was proven wrong!)

When we arrived at the Munich train station, it was packed with even more of them! Everywhere you look there were women dressed in the Dirndl and men in the Lederhosen. Actually, even in Salzburg, you will still see people wearing the traditional dress. I really liked it!

Kev and I made our short walk to our hotel, checked in, then dashed out to find Oktoberfest. I asked the man at the desk 'How do we get to Oktoberfest.' He laughed at me and then said 'just walk out the door, turn right and you will find Oktoberfest. You won't get lost.'

When we walked out, we saw what he meant. There were herds of people walking in one direction, and there was a festive noise in the distance. When we finally entered Oktoberfest, there were rides, food stalls, drink stalls, and game stalls all around us. Everyone was there, young people, old people, families, everyone was there in traditional dress, enjoying the day. There were also, the huge beer tents. I was so excited, but very mindful about trying to get a seat in a tent- I didn't want to miss out on such an experience.

The Dirndl and Lederhosen everywhere.

So Kev and I attempted to get into some tents. We tried the biggest one, the Paulaner, and geez it was crazy huge inside! Unfortunately we were unable to find a seat there. I asked a beer waitresses how to get a place and she said 'All tables are reserved. Perhaps if you ask a table nicely, they will let you sit with them, and then, only then, will you be served beer.'

Outside the Paulaner tent- we tried getting in, but there was absolutely no room!

Inside the Paulaner tent. It is just crazy huge!

Another large tent
Kev and I walked out, and I started to get a bit frustrated at our slim chances of getting a table in a tent. I then saw a smaller tent, and saw a small line of people at an open door. So I pulled Kev against the traffic of people to hop into this line. We waited for about 20 minutes, before we were successful. The wait was frustrating, because Kev and I arrived earlier than 2 or 3 other couples who were- 1. A lot taller than me, and 2. Could speak German, and so, they were let in before us. I know I shouldn't complain, because if we were a bigger group, more than 2, it would have been impossible. But eventually, we got to the front, so the doorman could not avoid me.

When we were allowed in, the beer waitress told us that we had 1 hour and 30 minutes at the table, as there was a booking at 3pm. We said that was fine, and once we arrived at the table, we saw 4 smiling men. Two of them I had recognized as men who had been let in before us. A little nervous at how they would respond to us joining them, I was surprised with their openness and their merry attitude. All of them were super friendly and enthusiastically ordered us a stein of beer each and half a roasted chicken. The man I was sitting next to was named Andres, the man Kev was sitting next too was also named Andres, and then the other two were named Kai and Frank. They all were German except for the Andres next to me, who was an Austrian from Salzburg. After drinking half of my stein, I knew that I was very happy to have been seated next to such friendly people.

Our merry merry table!

There was a live band playing, with merry drinking songs and Andres would sing to me, explaining the meanings. One of the songs was quite rude, and it simply said "penis in, penis out, a good day today." I would not have known it, if Andres didn't explain to me, because it sounded so merry and so friendly. But then again, I believe that the song wasn't intended to be gross, but just a little bit naughty to encourage the silliness in everyone. 

Andres saw my shoulder bag from Charles and Keith, and at first asked if it was Chanel. He was disappointed that it wasn't and then went on about how much he loves Chanel, because it is beautiful. We then went on a long conversation on fashion and bags. He then took his phone and showed me a photo of this large leather bag from an online store and he just said 'Look at it, I love it, I love it!' The other Andres next to Kev then explained that they were coming back to Oktoberfest, but have booked seats in the biggest tent for the gay event. I got so excited, and they said to try to enter at 5pm, and they will try to get us in!

More and more friendly and fun conversation continued, and by the second stein, my memory starts getting a bit beer googled. I do remember Andres sitting next to me saying 'you must eat more, you don't understand the German beer, most Australians don't understand it. It is easy to drink, just like water, but it hits you hard after an hour or so.'

Me, Andres and Kai

Frank, Andres and Kev

Kev with 'my' Andres

Andres disgusted with my beer belly

At around 3pm, our new friends departed, and I turned to the table next to us, who were openly merry, and attempted to slide into their table. They were a bunch of young Americans.

Crazy Americans
Nipple cripples- for some reason, it's the international handshake

We ended up leaving the tent with them and started talking to them for a while. I asked what they did, and they all insisted that they were porn stars. This went on for a while, and so I let the topic slide as it was getting stale. They were a lot of fun though.

After we left them, we had a random conversation with a Dutch family, who were waiting for their 26 year old son who was in the toilet from drinking too much beer. The mother was very sweet, and the other men with her (I assume were other members of the family) were very talkative, and again merry.

Kev and I soon left, to make our way to the toilets, and then afterwards, Kev wanted to go back home because he was feeling a little under the weather from the 2 litres of beer. (We both drank 2 steins each). Let's just say, that Kev needed to lie down as soon as we got to the hotel. So I kept my merry self happy with an excursion to the train station to buy some water and then returning to the hotel to drink a litre of water, have a nice telephone chat with yourself (thank you soo much for calling Chia!) and then also found myself needing to lie down 2 hours later. Kev then arose from his slumber and made way to obtaining water and food supplies.

We then arose later on that night to meet up with Tam, who had made the journey to Munich for Oktoberfest with her friends. Of all places in Munich, we met her at the Hautbahnhopf in Burger King!

Sorry for such a huge post! Also, I will have to post about Salzburg when I return to Perth!

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