Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ich liebe Deutschland!

Chia! I can't believe I am back in Australia already! So sad! The last few days I've been trying to get back into the swing of things with sleep. As a result, I have been so tired, that I couldn't even blog!

I am so happy that you have a full time job! I hope you enjoy it despite it being only a supporting role, but at least you get back into teaching the little ones! Where do you plan to go for your Christmas holiday?? Australia?!??! OMG! The beach Chia! the BEACH!!! =D

Well, the title of this post means "I love Germany". Actually, I love all the places that I have visited, but because Germany was the last place I went to, it is still fresh in my mind. I cannot believe that Spain has come and gone. I look at the photos and it's like a dream!

Dachau Concentration Camp

After that day at Oktoberfest Kev and I went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. It was something I had to do and see for myself after reading and learning about it all these years. I also wanted Kev to see this because he didn't really know much about it, and I thought it would be interesting for him. (Does that sound twisted to you?) Anyways, it was sad as expected, and it put me in a reflective state. I just think about what would happen if that happened to me, and it made me appreciate what we have today. My job, the boring routine of life, all my everyday stresses; they all seemed minor when you remember about what had happened in Dachau from 1933 till 1945.

It was such a cold, grey and wet day. I had not been prepared, and so I was freezing and just feeling like a wet rat for most of the day. Kev and I spent a lot of time in the bunkers where they kept their 'special' prisoners and prisoners that they were punishing. I didn't take any other photos besides the one below. After that, it just did not feel appropriate to do so.

Kev and I spent the majority of our time in the museum part, which had a very good display of chronology of events in Germany, starting from WWI, to the rise of Nazi power, WWII and the end of WWII. After that, we both were exhausted and cold, and decided to leave without looking at the barracks or the crematory. I remember telling Kev 'I feel like I need to eat something sweet, or something to make me feel better.'

Oktoberfest visit 2

Kev and I decided to go to Oktoberfest to find dinner, since it just so happen to be down the road. It's approximately a 15 minute walk away, and at night time, I can sometimes hear the cheering and thumping of the beer tents in the distance. The rain continued on from when we were at Dachau, so I changed into something a lot warmer, and we made our way out. Oktoberfest was less crowded (due to the rain) and the people who were there were usually those drunk on beer or other people looking for dinner.

Our Bavarian hats were super warm!

Pork Knuckle in a bun

Kev and I just tried different food stalls, which included the yummy pork knuckle in a bun. It was so moist, crunchy and just...well, yum! It was cold and wet, and this was such an appropriate bite to have!

Neuschwanstein Castle

The next day, Kev and I woke early to make our way to the Hauptbahnhof to meet our tour group to see Neuschwanstein Castle. It was again, a grey, cold and wet day too! Kev and I decided to wear the same clothes as the ones we wore to Oktoberfest at night, as we just wanted to stay warm all day, as the castle was far away, and there was no going home until the end of the tour at approximately 6pm.

When we met our group, and got on the train, a young American couple sat across from us, and they were super friendly and we all just talked for the train ride there, making the 2 hour train ride disappear! We also made friends with another pair of American couples who sat next to us, and the next thing we knew it, we had formed this small little group inside of our 80 people tour.

Me with Alyssa, Landon, Robin and Steve

When we arrived to the foot of the castle, it was sooo pretty! So mysterious. Just there on the top of this hill. The clouds and wet weather made it even more so mysterious!

Hiking through the Bavarian forest

We found a small waterfall

At the bridge with the best view of the castle

The inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle

The castle was beautiful, and the story behind it was just as amazing. Our tour guide was awesome. He was a great story teller, engaging everyone and creating the mystery and wonder that one looks for when visiting a castle.

Oktoberfest visit 3

On the train ride home, we were all exhausted, but conversation led us to a variety of things. The Bavarian hat that we wore got a love of love from people, and Robin said she wanted to get one for her daughter who she will be seeing soon. She then said that her daughter had been busy at a movie premier, and so I asked if her daughter was an actress or something. Turns out, she is! She explained that her daughter is starring in the upcoming romantic comedy called Crazy, Stupid Love with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Julieanne Moore! Her daughter was also a finalist in America's Next Top Model and she showed us some photos of her, beaming with motherly pride! It was so cute! Here she is on IMDb. Can you see the resemblence between her and the photo of her parents above? =D I can! I am so going to see that movie when it comes out!

Conversation also led to Oktoberfest, and as Alyssa and Landon had not gotten into a tent yet. So we all decided to give it a go, given that it was Kev and my last night in Munich. Alyssa and Landon bought some Bavarian hats to look the part, and then we made our way to the big tents. We were unfortunately unable to get a table (not surprisingly) and I felt quite dissappointed, as we had talked up Oktoberfest and sitting on a table. So, I then suggested that we try the tent that we got in last time.

I didn't see any lines outside, and but it was clearly happening inside. So I just looked at everyone, and said 'let just walk in and see what happens.' We were stopped by a door man, who asked "Are you eating dinner?" I said "Well, yes. We are hungry, but can we drink too?"  Then doorman said "I may be able to squish you in if you are having dinner." Landon then asked "Can we still have beer?" He smiled and said "Of course, but with dinner."

So we four were squished into a 2 person table (it looked like the only table in the room, the rest were all booths), and we were all so happy just to be in! I'll let the videos explain our excitement!

Getting a little beer happy

Ok... beer happy.

Ah Oktoberfest. Loves yous

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