Saturday, September 17, 2011

Possibility of full time work

Hi Anna!
I've been missing your posts :( I bet you must be exhausted from all the travelling! I'm thinking about those nights we were up blogging and how tired we were.

Today I did my first day trial at a new school with Year 2. Apparently I've made a good impression and they would like to trial me for the whole of next week and see how I go. Fingers cross that it will work out.

Last night I had the strangest dream about my family. It was one of those weird tragic dreams you wake up feeling relieved that it's just a dream. I think I was missing them especially after calling my mum to wish her a happy birthday. I felt a little jealous that my younger brother took my parents out for a nice fancy meal and I wasn't there. Boo :( I do miss them. I've lost count on how many birthdays I've missed over the last years not to mention how many weddings this year. I'm annoyed that they all decided to get hitched this year! Haha. I'm not joking either.

I'm addicted to looking up recipes especially cookies and cakes and I can't seem to stop!!!
Tomorrow I will bake raspberry & almond shortbread and carrot cake. I promise to take pics to spruce things up a bit.

It's past 11pm now. Goodnight!

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