Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zurich und Jungfrau

Guten Tag Chia!

So, I am currently in Salzburg, Austria, but I thought I'd blog about Zurich and Jungfrau first. There will be plenty of Salzburg entries to come!

Kev and I were finding Switzerland more and more expensive! We shopped at the grocery store to have one of our cool lunches, looking for salads, bread, cheese etc, and when we arrived to the counter, it ended up being around 48 CHF! (And Kev and I didn't buy as much as when we bought stuff in Spain!).

Anyways, our stay in Zurich was short, with our only full day being an excursion to the Jungfrau region (the Alps). It was a long day, starting at 8am and returning back home at around 8pm, but it was well worth it. The experience was breathtaking and inspirational! I love mountaineering (though, really we were just hiking.) But I think I like the extremes. Extreme heat or extreme cold, below sea level when diving, or up in the mountains.

I found that Jungfrau (meaning virgin in German) reminded me of my trek up Huang Shan in China (which was 1800 metres above sea level), and to my surprise, we saw a wall in the Jungfrau complex which was dedicated to Huang Shan because they are sister Mountains! Both have been awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kev and I took a train up to 3,454 metres above sea level, the highest railway station in the world, we then had to walk through the Jungfrau complex to get the the sphinx is 3,571 metres above sea level. When we arrived to the sphinx, it was breathtaking. Literally. When we started up the stairs, Kev and I found that we were hit with a surprising dizziness, and slight nausea-  we experienced our first acclimatisation issues. It was not nice, but it was nevertheless a cool experience.

On the train to Jungfrau

Unfortunately, the internet is super slow in Austria, so I can't upload any videos, will try to when I get to Munich or home!

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