Monday, September 26, 2011

Quiet weekend

Aw Anna my love :)

Your post was fantastic! I love the videos! I know they take forever to load but they really take me to where you were. I feel like I was there too :P  I loved how each other videos seem to get louder, wilder, merrier and of course drunker!!!!

The rides look awesome too! I would've loved to try the one that Kev pointed out in the video, but since it was raining I'd be terrified of slipping out. Great to hear that you made friends along the way too! It's a whole lot of fun when you travel and meet some like minded friendly people who are out there doing the same thing as you are.

Like you say, now that we are both back to work it will be hard to find anything interesting to post about. I'm going to try taking random videos and see if you find  then interesting. Maybe you can suggest something I can take a video of.

Well for me the weekend was a quiet one. I didn't mind it too much actually. I spent Saturday shopping for work and winter clothes. Today was spent grocery shopping and baking two batches of raspberry and lemon muffins because the first ones didn't work out well thanks to my health conscious tweaking and using wholemeal flour instead of plain flour.

The second batch
For dinner I made spicy chicken using a recipe that a friend gave to me and boiled some rice-in-a-bag for dinner. I also just spotted Mr D's comment. HA HA very funny. Anyway, the spicy chicken was delicious and it reminded me of Indonesia.

It's almost 9pm here. I don't know where the weekend went. I still have to upload our photos on FB and also select one to print out and frame.Question is- which one?!!!

PS. Random and strange thought but I feel like drinking a cold glass of horchata right now!

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