Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodnight and goodbye Barcelona

Today is the last day I will be spending with Anna. After our day of scaling mountains on Tuesday in our flip flops, we decided that yesterday and today we would spend some quality time focusing on each other and relaxing. Anna has taken the relaxing part too seriously and she is of course sleeping as I am blogging. 

In our room there is one double bed and a single bed and the last two nights we've been sleeping in the double bed that Anna is currently sleeping on. Now the reason for this is because this bed is right under the direction of the fan and it's cooling and because the other single bed is a fold up bed and the noise it makes when you move on it sounds as if it's going to snap back and sandwich you in the middle. However, we aren't too sure if Diego (the B & B guy) realises this and we think it's a hoot because each time we come back to the room, the extra pillows and sheets put back in place on the single bed. He's such a jolly guy and we wonder if he's being extra nice to us because of this.

Anyway allow me to take you back to what we did on Tuesday. On this day we took a day trip and caught a one hour train ride to Montserrat and a 5 minute cable car ride up to the monastery.
Up up up in the cable car
It was interesting to look at the monastery, but the best part was the funicular ride up and a walk here. The view was breathtaking and lucky for us, it was cloudy so we didn't get burnt and it made the walk enjoyable.

Bouldering it
Living on the edge. You can just make out the little church we walked up to.

View of where we walked up to.

We tried to catch the funicular down again but the line for it cut of right in front of us and we decided to do the 45 minute walk down to the cable car. This is a video taken of us walking down.

We did plenty of random ramblings and it was lovely to be walking at a leisurely pace with no one around us and hearing only our voices whilst absorbing the unique rock formations and landscape all around us. I'm a little sad knowing that I will miss all of this when we part ways.

That night we caught up with Ed and Joce for tapas. I was very impressed that Anna managed to finish her beer! It was HUGE! I don't know how I allowed myself to be conned into ordering one too especially when I couldn't finish mine in Munich.

Drinks & tapas

That's as far as I'm going
After that, we walked back home and straight to bed. Boring I know :p. But this holiday for us was about catching up and spending quality time with each other and remembering things.

Last night it was also a quiet night and after our pizza (we were both craving!)  and our strong glass of sangria, we ended up having a full on d & m conversation. We managed to catch up on conversations that we've missed for the last couple of years of me not being in Perth.  I really value these times and these type of conversations where we can pour our hearts out about our fears, dreams, hopes, past and the future. There is nothing that I would hold back from telling Anna and I'm glad she feels the same way too. It's hard living away from all your friends and this trip is going to be one of those trips that I will forever look back thinking about all the good times I've had and the adventures along the way.

Anna has woken up and it is time for our last dinner :( :( :( I can't believe that tonight is our last dinner together. I might just cry right about now.

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