Monday, August 29, 2011

London Town

Yaaaaaaaaay! Finally in London with Chia! I can't believe that I am here!

The flight to Dubai was pretty good. I was initially nervous about who I would be sitting next to, but I ended up being seated next to a brother and sister (I will refer to them as the 'cool siblings'). They were really nice, and were the perfect combo of friendliness, while not over stepping any personal boundaries (that awkward moment when you just want to watch your movie etc).

When I arrived at Dubai, I finally got a chance to talk to Amy, who was also on that flight with her mom and sister. They were on their way to NY, when they found out that their flight at been cancelled due to the hurricane over there!

Amy, her mom and sister ended up getting a room for an overnight stay because of the delay. I also bumped into the Cool Siblings again, who came up to me to say that they too were staying overnight because they were going to NY too. I was then left alone at the airport to do my own thing for 5 hours until my connecting flight to London. I was so tired, as I only had 4 hours if broken sleep but I could not find any place to rest my eyes except for a lounge like chair for about 1 hour, after which, I needed to pee, and so that chair was gone as soon as my butt left it. Here's a few things I got up to at the airport:

On the flight to London, I was able to get another 4 to 5 hours of broken sleep. I felt a lot better and felt like I could probably make it through Love Never Dies; though I knew I was far from avoiding the effects of jet lag.

Some of the pics I took of London from above:

Arriving in London was took forever! Our plane circled Heathrow for about 25 minutes before landing, and then, customs took forever! Finally when I got out, I found Chia! And it was so surreal! Bubbling with excitement and happiness, my tiredness disappeared and I was able to take the underground with Chia lugging all my heavy suitcase, with no issues. It was only after riding the train for almost an hour, that I started getting s headache and exhaustion hit me.

We then arrived at Chia's apartment and immediately got ready for the show (it was so nice to have a shower and brush my teeth).

We took the train again to go to Leichester Square where Love Never Dies was showing.

I was so happy that Chia was able to get us tickets, as this was the last show for the original cast members. We ended up getting seats located in one of the last few rows, but we were able to still see the performers in detail. As an unexpected surprise, the woman in front of us turned sround started talking to us about how many times she had seen this show. Then her face suddenly changed. 'Turn around girls,' she whispered quickly 'Look, it's the man himself!'

Chia and I both turned around and there was Andrew Lloyd Webber walking down the isle to find a seat. He was going to watch it!

I was concerned that I may fall asleep in it, but it was so beautiful! That I lost myself in it. At the end, everyone gave the actors a standing ovation, and then Mr Webber got out of his seat and walked on stage to give a little farewell speech. I tried my new camera to get this moment... And I was surprise on how awesome it was, given that we were a few rows from the back of the theatre.

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