Sunday, August 7, 2011

Superleague Round 4

Heya Chia!

This weekend was round 4 for superleague at Canning Vale. Shaz and I played on Saturday, and Kev played today (Sunday). It was the last round before the finals.

My games were from early Saturday morning, and ended at around 2pm and Shaz' s games started around 2pm and ended at around 6pm. We were lucky; Kev unfortunately wasn't as lucky. His games today were spread out, and so he started at 10am, but ended at around 4pm =(

My team did really well this round, we won all games and only drew one! Hopefully this will secure our place in the finals in Port Kennedy (we all are assuming that we are in, since we have been in the top 4 for all of the rounds). We really gelled well this round, and there was minimal drama. This time, I brought a camera too and Kev was nice enough to take some photos:

Shaz did well too. She won all her games but one, and are definitely in the finals.

Kev's team improved significantly from the other rounds. I missed his first game, but arrived half way through his second game against Fremantle, and that was AWESOME! They played like a completely different team, I couldn't believe it. I was in awe! It was nail clenching as they were initially behind but then worked their way back to win at the last second by one point!! I was so happy that I didn't miss that.

Here are two shots of Kev's jump spike. I can't believe how much air he gets hey. Especially this round, because the Canning Vale nets were tight as, and really high!

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