Tuesday, August 30, 2011

London to Valencia

Holy moly, today was a full on day. Looking back on the photos taken, I still can't believe that we were in London this morning, and are now in Spain.

On the flight to London, I had listened to the My Fair Lady soundtrack while sleeping. So today, I kept wanting to sing 'the rain in Spain, stays mainly in the plain...'

We woke up nice and early at 4am and were out the door by 5 to catch two buses and a train to Gatwick airport. It was dark, and freezing.

I was amazed at Trafalga square, thinking that it was 6 years ago since I last walked past those lions. Because it was so early in the morning there was no traffic!

Once at the train station, there was no problem getting out tickets. However, we were rushed to catch the train because we had issues with our buses not showing up on time, making us slightly late.

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Once in Valencia, we were greeted by the sunny and warm Spanish sun. We had our map, and made our way to our hotel which ass located jot far from the underground train station that we had taken from the airport. We quickly checked in, freshened up, ands went out the door to start exploring.

We ended up seeing some beautiful architecture, and did an audio tour of The Cathedral, where we saw 'the' holy grail.

After the tour, we were really exhausted. I think we were just pooped. From the long day, the warm weather, walking, and taking in such a intense tour. We then just found a spot to sit, (which ended up being the Plaza de Ayuntamiento) and have nice random conversations while enjoying the sights and smells.

We were pretty tired no?

After sitting for an hour or so, we decided to try to find some Valencia Pallea and some Sangria. We returned to an alleyway which was closed at 4pm, but was very much alive at 7.45pm. Oh yea, no joke. The Spanish DO have their siestas and things open in the morning from 9-1pm, and then they are closed for the afternoon, to then open from 5pm for the night shift.

The people in Spain dress quite differently, in that the women dress up with nice maxi dresses, or a nice top with strappy sandals, and the men, wear chinos or short chinos, with canvas like slip on shoes and a nice casual button down shirt (usually white or blue). Together with their caramel smooth tans, the people are beautiful.

Chia and I have been practicing our Spanish. Hola! Being used a lot, por favor and gracias. I've been trying to use my lonely planet Spanish book as not a lot of people speak English. However, everyone has been super nice to us.

Anyways, shower time! Chia will upload pics on Facebook!

Location:Valencia, Spain

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