Monday, August 8, 2011


Hiya Anna!!

WOW!! Iàve been eager to get in touch with the world outside of my Contiki bubble since I started the tour! The tour is just so fast paced that there is absolutely no time!

 I am in an internet cafe right now on the cabin site of the tour in Rome with a Corona right next to me. Tonight they are having a whiteboard party so Iàve got my I HEART ROME tshirt on and the whole idea is to write on each others tshirts and then wake up with a massive hangover and figure out what on earth is written on your shirt.... although i donàt really want to ruin my tshirt!!

 Forgive my terrible typing because apart from the beer (which I donàt normally drink but itàs so hot here that a cold beer is going down well) but alsot his ancient keyboard has odd key positions and youàve probably noticed that the apostrophe is not where it normally is.

The whole of last week has been on the go and I have not had the chance to hop online. No idea what is going on in the world which is a littlle strange in some ways but it is actually nice to be away from everything and everyone for a short time.

I am having an absolute blast! Today myself and 7 other contiki people went exploring in Rome. We saw the colosseum and wandered around the town and had pizza pastas and gelato!  I loved the colosseum!! It is spectacular! Everything that Iàve seen is impressive! I canàt believe Ive seen the Eiffel Tower too!! Nice is absolutely beautiful you have to get yourself there one day I canàt wait until you come to London and we go travelling around Spain together.  The tour is going really well and I have taken so many photos and I cannot wait to share them with all of you!!!

I better end it off here and scoot down to join the contiki party. I think it will be hilarious because they have a mechanical bull... and you know how much I wanted to ride that mechanical whale I saw back in London! Haha!!

Miss you and miss everyone else!!!!!!

MUAHHHH! Much love from ROME!!!

PS I hope this is not jibberish to you but hey there has got to be a first for drunk blogging.And excuse the overuse of exclamation marks! Chat soon! Might not be until I get back to London next Saturday evening.

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