Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rough Guide to Spain

Hola Anna!

Buenos dias! I'm practising some Spanish thanks to  my Rough Guide to Spain which arrived this morning via Amazon! That website is amazing for books. Took about 2 working days for it to arrive. I've flipped through it briefly but over the next few days I will read sections on Valencia, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid and a few others. I think I will extend my stay and have a solo-winging-it adventure after you leave. I'm a little worried because I haven't booked a return ticket yet because I don't know where I will be when flying back to London.

I AM ECSTATIC!!! You'll be here soon soon sooooon. I don't think I've ever been so keen to see someone like this before. It's not just seeing you that makes it exciting, it's the fact that we are going to have a trip of a lifetime!

Guess what? If we have 5 days in Barcelona I think we should take a day trip to see Montserrat.  I love outdoors adventures and I think it would be splendid to do some trekking and then take a cable car down. Well pack your joggers just in case!

As for other packing, it depends on how you like to pack. For my Contiki trip,  it was actually easy packing a minimal clothes because that meant I didn't spend too much time deciding on what to wear and I hand washed and wore some clothes again. I think 3 party dresses are enough, besides you can always buy more if you feel like it. Apparently shopping in Barcelona is heaven too! In terms of summer clothes I'm going to bring 2 pairs of shorts, 10 days worth of singlets/tops some dressy to wear at night and some casual, a couple of day and night dresses , a couple of skirts and a set of bathers but another if I find some tomorrow. I don't know if we will be visiting the beach a lot in Barcelona but we shall see. I'm making sure most of my clothes can be mixed and match so it's easy to create new outfits. You can pretty much wear anything you want really as long as you're comfy. I suppose we will look like tourists anyway. I'm more worried about La Tomatina! I am imagining a few battle wounds and ripped clothing. I read somewhere that one piece bathing suits might be useful than bikini separates but I'm not going to go out and buy a one piece just for La Tomatina. Make sure your bikini tops are secure though. I hope my crop top will hold out :/

Also, I'm going to be using this Top Shop bag I got recently as my day bag. It's rather small but the perfect size to sling around so I don't end up having sore shoulders from lugging it around all day.

Oh and guess what I'll be doing at 230pm tomorrow or 730pm your time? I'll be watching PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!

Feeling happy and lucky right now thanks to you Anna!

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