Monday, August 22, 2011

Stonehenge & Bath

Hi Anna

Congrats on the new camera!!! I'm very envious after seeing all the cool functions and I feel like I want/need one too. But I love my old Canon to bits and it has served me so well (been dropped, scratched, buried in sand over the 4 years?)  I don't know how it'd feel if I replaced it. I'm totally looking forward to taking heaps of pics with you and flooding our blog with them. I can't wait to replace it with a new banner with us and all the places we've been to :) The fishbowl effect is awesome! Not sure about the aging one though. There seems to be no difference? You look beautiful in all of the pictures. I love looking at photos of people and your post with all the photos made the post really enjoyable to read.  Funny that Vanni and Alicia said that one of the pic you look like me. After examining it for a while, they're right, it's the eyes. I wonder if FB would detect and auto tag that pic as me? I know there are times when FB auto tags and it's a little scary when they get it wrong! I got offended once when it auto tagged me as someone else.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the post with the pics of the uni crew! I miss everyone so much and it's so good to see everyone together! It's always fantastic to catch up with everyone once in a while and I really wish I was there too having dim sum like good old times. I forgot to mention that Vanni acquired a Canadian accent and I couldn't get use to it when she was here. I felt like I was talking to someone else. Can you imagine me coming back after 2 years with an English accent? At this rate it could be impossible!

 I can't stop thinking about how many days until I see you! I can't believe that there are only FIVE MORE DAYS! FIVE!! Remember when it was 80? Holy moly! It's going to be an intense anticipation from now onwards. I can't express how excited I am. Bursting with excitement. I can't wait to pick you up from the airport! If I had one wish it would be for you to stay longer :( Heavy sigh...

I think Spain will be quite warm around 30 degrees from what I've seen on the weather forecast. When I was in Munich it was rainy and a little cold and a pair of jeans, cardi and a light scarf was all I needed. I feel like I should go shopping for some bathers this week. Don't forget your bathers! I imagine us hitting the beach in Ibiza and Barcelona oh yeah!

I can't believe it's been a week since I've been back from Contiki. The week has just flown by filled with cooking and shopping adventures and also on Friday, a day trip to see the Stonehenge and Bath.

I had a lovely time with Shaz and two of her friends from Perth. Stonehenge was a little disappointing because it was roped off forcing us to view the stones further away and it looked small from where we were. Regardless of that, I'm glad I had the chance to see it with the company of the girls and it's amazing to be able to view another ancient wonder.


Loving my jacket :)
Shaz needs to brush up on her jumping skills. Height is not an excuse :p
I absolutely loved Bath though.
Just a small part of Bath. We didn't have time to explore out of the city area.
Behind me is Parade Gardens.
Bath was named after the Roman Baths that were built in the city. It was incredibly beautiful and I wish we had more time to spend wandering there. The Roman Baths had a walk through museum which gave me the chance to brush up my history but there was a lot to take in, in such a short time of 2.5 hours that we had to rush.
The Great Bath. Gone are the days where one would bathe in here. The water hasn't been treated which is why it doesn't  look very appealing at all.

The water was hot from the thermal springs. How wonderful would it have been in winter for the Romans?
There were about 15 other people on the tour and they were older than us.  We were on the coach for almost a total of 5 hours and it reminded me of being on the Contiki bus all over again. I think I'm still getting side effects of leg cramps now and then from all the coach sitting!

Last but not least is this shot of a ladybug Shaz spotted when we were taking photos! I like the macro function of my SLR when I actually can figure out how to use it.

 Happy packing!!!!

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