Friday, August 19, 2011

Shopping & sushi

Hi Anna!

I hope you get through this week OK. Wish I could give you a great big hug and I want you to know that I'm thinking about you and that it will be all fun and smiles in almost a week. Maybe this post will cheer you up too? I know I always look forward to your posts and the photo of you clogs were HILARIOUS! I can't believe you have a nice soft version of them. Wanna trade? Can't say much for comfort for mines. There were heaps of other designs to choose from so fancy that I got ones similar to yours!

I can't imagine how it feels like to come second. In fact, I'm terrible with team sports. I admit I'm a sore loser when it comes to sports and I hate to lose and be disappointed therefore I don't even try and because of this. Terrible I know, definitely something I need to work on. Anyway, I have a huge admiration for you and anyone who participates in games and sports etc because there is always the possibility of not coming first or winning. I have never ever participated in a serious game before and I think you and your team have done extremely well and you should be proud of yourselves for coming second!!! Also, I think you look absolutely lovely in that black dress and I'm glad you and Shaz had heaps of fun that night.

As for this side of the world, the weather was miserable today as oppose to Perth. Mr D tells me that it was a beautiful day for you. Luckily I was not in a grey mood and I had a pleasant day to myself. The plan first thing was to go for a walk to get some ingredients for sushi but that morphed into an impulse trip to Oxford St where I indulged in Top Shop heaven. One of my purchases was  this jacket. I absolutely LOVE IT! In fact, I might wear it tomorrow when I go to Bath and Stonehenge with Shaz and her friends.If we have time next Sunday, maybe we can visit this ridiculously huge Top Shop? You could even check out their website and see if you like anything? Or we could go to the Camden Markets/ Portobello Markets/ Spitalfield Markets. Ahh the possibilities! And if you don't feel like shopping there are heaps of other things to do. I am trying to get you excited here :D

After my little shopping detour, I went to Chinatown to get some sushi rice. I have my priorities right don't I? Last night I spend too much time googling and youtubing sushi recipes and how to make sushi rice.  You see, mum  usually makes the rice and today was the first time ever I made sushi from scratch and I wanted to make sure I didn't end up with a sticky rice mess. I'm extremely stoked about the results and feeling very clever right now! A rice cooker would've made life a little easier but I managed.
Mini sushi
Proud of my babies!
I made three types. From the left 1st column: honey+ sesame soy chicken + cucumber + mayo, 2nd & 3rd honey + sesame soy chicken + carrot + cucumber, 4th & 5th: tuna + mayo + picked dill cucumbers + carrots. The ingredients were all rather similar because I couldn't be bothered chopping up too much.

I couldn't believe how much kitchenware and washing up I ended up doing and the amount of time it took! I was slaving away for a good 2 hours.  It was well worth it though and it certainly made a rainy London day quite enjoyable and I'm beaming away looking at the photos because it was my first and successful attempt of making sushi. I gave some to Penelope (If you remember, shes lives down the street and came to my birthday picnic) and she said that her favourite was the tuna one. Funny that because they were difficult to cut and not t he best looking ones and they started falling apart because the tuna mixture was a little runny. I am bringing the above container tomorrow with me and it will be delightful to share them with Shaz and see what she thinks!

Goodnight for me but good morning to you Anna and readers! I'm off to have sushi dreams :)

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