Friday, August 26, 2011

Last day

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh Chia!!!

I've been so busy with work, and other personal stuff, that today just popped up so suddenly! My last day in Perth and I'll be coming over your place tomorrow!!!!

And to think, it was like 80 something days not long ago!

The main things on my mind regarding the trip is the following- what do I pack, do I have all the tickets and bookings, what shoes to bring, and... jetlag.

My bags are packed... well sort of.

Jetlag is what concerned about. I'm trying to find some sort of strategy to plan my sleep so when I arrive in London at 2.30pm, I won't be feeling like it's 8.30pm. So when we watch Love Never Dies at 7.30pm I won't feel like it's 1.30am Sunday morning!

Transit during long haul flights really intrigue me. It's like you're in a twilight zone where you all of a sudden gain an extra 6 or 7 hours in your day. Where did those extra hours come from?! I wish I had them all the time!

Kev is flying on his birthday, so he will gain an extra 6 or 7 hours of potential celebration, except for the whole day, he will be either flying or in transit.

So I've attempted to find some information on mitigating the effects of jetlag on the Internet, and have come across random stuff like pressing certain pressure points on your body and even a special jetlag diet. The only thing that I found worthwhile trying is this iPhone app called jetlag genie.

It asks for your flight info, and usual times for bed and waking up. It then provides you with a personalized program of when to wake up and when to find sunlight and when to sleep.

Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep in to wake up at 10am. Perhaps next time I have such a big trip, I ought to take the day that I fly out, off work.

Anyways! I am so glad you saw Phantom of the Opera! I love it sooo much! You should watch the movie, it's so damn beautiful and sexy too. For a while I was in love with the phantom too. But, then I started thinking how he would be in real life, and I think I'd be a little scared, how if he's a little angry, he'd kill someone. Anywho, I hope you're excited for Love Never Dies!

Oh! I have a spanish phrase book too! Should I bring it?!

Anyway, tunnel time. Post you soon!

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