Monday, August 1, 2011

My week


Sorry it has taken me so long to post!

You will probably be on your contiki tour now! Oh I am jealous!

Thank you for getting the tickets to Love Never Dies! I am so excited to see it! I just loved Phantom of the Opera! I was obsessed with it when I saw the movie. It just blew me away! Then when it finally came to Perth, I was super happy to see it.

At the moment, the thing that has been taking up my time is superleague. This weekend I have the final round which is in Canning Vale, and then next week grand finals are in Port Kennedy. It's a super packed month.

A giving week

Last week was quite eventful, on Thursday, Els sent out an email to Shaz, Kev and I about a live QI performance in Burswood. I was horrified because I had bought tickets for Kev for his birthday present, and I knew that he wouldn't have known about it (an honest mistake by Els, as I had not told her or Shaz about it). So, given that Kev would have definitely read that email, and there was good chance that he would buy tickets for himself, I decided to give him the tickets that night, and find a different present for his birthday. When Kev found the tickets (I had placed them in a place where I knew he would find it) he was surprised and very happy. Yay!

On Friday, after work I meat up with Kev and Chinny. Chinny took Kev and I back to Kev's place so that I could get ready for rock climbing, and Kev could work on his World Engineer's 'Eco Helper' project. When we were in the bus, I saw an Apple bag. 'Oh! And iPad Chinny?' I asked. 'Yea, I got one for my mom.' I remembered that Chinny was thinking about getting his mom one in Hong Kong! 'Aw! Such a good son!' I said.

While I started getting ready, I walked passed the same place that I had hid Kev's QI tickets the night before, and I saw the Apple bag... I said 'Hey?!' in confusion, and Kev said that it was for me! I couldn't believe it hey. Like I had been planning to get one for this Europe trip, but I had to save the money, and what a surprise! Kev said it was an early anniversary present, because he knew I would use it on the Europe Trip, so he got it for me now.

Our blog on my iPad

Friday night shenanigans

Chinny soon came to pick me up so that we could do some rock climbing while Kev worked. Rock climbing is getting better by the week! This time, I was able to get pass the rock I had been struggling with. I only had one more rock to conquer, but I was scared. Chinny could tell! Hopefully I can do it this week!

After rock climbing, Chinny, Kev, Shaz and I had dinner at big bowl. We then met up with some vball people at pot black and played some intense table tennis. It was super fun, and there was beer, laughter and some exhilarated celebrations which resulted in shirts being taken off (the guys of course). After that, the vball people wanted to karaoke as they never had done it before, and because they were not 'Asian.' So, we took them to Hitz Studio and blasted out a few songs in 2 hours. We all left that karaoke room happy, and with sexy husky voices.

Rainy Saturday

Saturday there was a whole lot of rain.

It's been raining like crazy, and never in my life, have I remembered Perth raining so much! It's good for our water levels.

Kev and I ended up making this:

Cooked Meese
The Meese!!! It was so fun. We made our sauce from scratch using all the herbs in Mom's garden and it was super yummy!

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