Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Superleague Grand Final Weekend

Oh Chia! Welcome back! It was so great to read your post! I love your photos so much! It looks like you had a ball and I am really really super jealous at all your experiences! I do wish I went on Contiki when I was younger too. But then again, we are still young! I like the idea of meeting new people and getting really nice and cozy with strangers!

Last weekend was my indoor beach volleyball superleague weekend in Port Kennedy. It was no joke, a stressful day. One of the surprises was that Kev drove all the way to Port Kennedy on Saturday morning to watch my finals! All week he had told me that he wasn't going to come down, and I understood because Kev needed to get more stuff done for his project that will be presented in Switzerland. Nevertheless, he surprised be by randomly standing next to the court nets while I was warming up! I was in disbelief that he actually came! So I was really happy!

After that, and watching the ladies 2 play their first game, I think the nerves kicked in. All the girls in ladies 3 were nervous, and that really didn't mix well with team dynamics and game play. Still, we played our games, and got into the grand finals against Canning Vale. Actually all the ladies teams from Osborne Park got into the grand finals- that being ladies 1, 2 and 3. Unfortunately none of the men or the mixed teams got through.

Me and the game board - YAY! We are in the grand finals!

So we played our best, but unfortunately the dream ended with us as runners-up. The ladies 1 and 2 won their grand finals, so 2 out of 3 was really good for us!

Looking back though, I can't believe how strange the day was. For me, all I was trying to do was to stay relaxed and try to smooth out any nerves and frustrations of the girls next to me. I thought I did it quite well during the games and off court while we waited for games. But when we finished the grand final game, for some reason beyond my control, I started crying.

Walking off the court, I was hit by an overwhelming sense of frustration, sadness and relief.  As I slid out of the court nets, all the people who had watched us were all smiling and were really supportive. Their well wishes and encouragement were really sweet, but for some reason I really didn't want anyone to see me. Each 'well done!' and 'you guys played really well!' made the tears come out even more! I was torn because I wanted to be happy, but I couldn't help respond to their well wishes with a 'uh ok, thanks,' as I brushed them off. I just wanted to get away and find time to just cry it out I guess. After a few minutes, when I thought I had it all together, I saw Loz who was all red and teary eyed too. I just said to her 'OMG, I cannot look at you!' and walked to the other side of the centre to get my bag, and my tissues.

We were mega funked out for a while. But Justine, our awesome team captain, brought us champagne and strawberries which made it a lot better!

Lauren (Loz), Mia, Naomi Stacey
Justine and I

After that we did a maccas run. That double cheeseburger was comfort food in a box! But once I had eaten it, I felt completely exhausted. I just wanted to lay down somewhere! But, we only had a few hours before the presentation dinner started, so there was no rest for the weary! Kev returned to Perth as he needed to get some serious work done, and then Shaz, Loz, Jenna, the two Bens and I returned to our swanked out accommodation in Mandurah to get ready for the presentation night that was being held in Rockingham.

Jenna, Me, Loz and Shaz being 'Asian' 

The two Bens stayed in the apartment, and the girls took a taxi ride to Rockingham, which ended up being super long, like 40 minutes! We had good chats though, and we were all concerned about getting sober, so game plans were set for once we arrive: toilet-bar-drink-see if the Bens would come down-eat.

We did all of the planned steps besides eat. Well I know I ate, and I think Jenna ate too! But Shaz and Loz just drank! =D It ended up being an awesome girls night out, with a live band that we all happily jumped 'danced' and stumbled to!

Shaz and I already mega tipsy from pre-drinks and then open bar at the presentation night. We liked the balloons!

Justine, Me, Loz, Mia and Naomi with our runners-up plaque

Me with my plaque

Oh and my clogs say hello to your clogs! ^___^ Though my are the slipper ones, because I couldn't find the heart to get the real wooden ones. But I wear these all the time, they are super comfy!

Love the clogs!

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