Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Phantom of the Opera

Hi Anna!

I loved Phantom of the Opera! I found myself enjoying it more than Wicked. It was probably because I was sitting a lot closer to the stage and I could really see their facial expressions and costumes in detail. It was a very intense experience and it left me scared and on the edge of my seat but also sad and almost teary in parts.

Waiting for the show to start. Later on, a tall man sat in front of me and I had to lean to the left or right of him. Gr! The beautiful chandelier is covered under the white cloth.
There was a tourist next to me and I noticed that she fell asleep towards the end. Oh dear! Their voices amazed me as usual and I fell in love with the Phantom because of how passionate he was towards Christine. Heavy sigh....

Thank you for calling in and picking up my stuff at home. I am a little jealous that you get to see my mum and be at my place :p I bet you are very busy right now and I hope you manage to get everything together in time. Speak soon!

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