Monday, August 22, 2011

Shorter than a working week

Less than 5 days to go! It's
Crazy, like- 'Hey Chia what you want to do this weekend?!' ^____^

I love your Bath photos hey. Like I can imagine the Romans (in my imagination they are soldiers) traveling all the way to Bath for a nice massage and dip. I can see them going in butt naked, with their toned bodies glistening with massage oil. That's how I imagine it was like back in those days! Now, what used to be luxury, is a ruin for us to see. It's so fascinating and eerie too. The water in your photos look like magic water, though I'm sure in person, it doesn't look so hygienic.

The aging scene doesn't make us look old, but it makes the photo look older. I think it's cute.

Do you think we would go to the beach a lot when in Barcelona? I assumed that we would in Ibiza. I've packed 3 sets of bathers, one of them I was thinking of wearing for La Tomatina. But I am still tossing up on whether I am willing to sacrifice one of my sports bra for it or not. I've seen photos of girls wearing bathers, and they looked fine. But then I did see a photo with a girl whose top was ripped off, and though she's happy and laughing, her boobies were all out in the open. Though, I guess I wouldn't mind as much if I had boobies like her.

How many 'night' outfits you think we need? I've packed 3 dresses but I'm thinking I've overpacked. Are people dressy in Europe during the day? I don't want to stand out like a typical tourist there. So far I have a whole bunch of singlets and shorts.

Ok going through a tunnel. I'll talk to you soon.

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