Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wet wet wet

Hey Chia!!!

Hope you're having a great time! How was Nice? Is it a place that you would recommend to go visit? I really wanted it to be an option to go visit after Barcelona if we had time!

Well Can you believe it? But in Perth it has been raining! Like non stop! Yesterday was the first day of sunshine! But before then, my boots, jacket and umbrella were getting a sufficient work out!

Luckily for me, yesterday didn't rain; and so when I went for Alfred's Burgers in Gilford after work, it as perfect! It was really cold, the bonfire was burning, and there were the crowds of people who huddled around the warm flame and enjoyed the tasty warm burgers all together. It was great!

I ordered the steak and cheese burger and that was soooooo good. The steak was not tough and I was able to bite into it, without needing to pull on it and risk the whole burger fall a part!

I was at Alfred's because one of Kev's friends (Fei) was in Perth and it was a mini catch up. Oh! And a hello to Mindy! Who brought with her, super yummy aoli so that we all could eat the tasty chips from Alfred's with it! =D

Oh! And today, I got me some Birkenstock sandals for our Spanish leg! I wanted something super comfy but nice looking. Birkenstock tend to be on the ugly side unfortunately, but, I found these:

They are cute! Not to mention super comfy! So you won't have a sad travel buddy ok! There will
be no blisters or sore feet here! Fingers crossed!

Other than that, I have my last round for superleague tomorrow! So I better get some sleep! Wish me luck!

Miss yas!

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