Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Camera!

Hey Chia!

Your posts always make me happy! I love your jacket! It looks really cool! I really want to go to Top Shop if we can! I went to one in Kuala Lumpur, but I didn't buy anything because I had already bought way too much on the Asia Trip! I am looking for nice shorts and some nice tops! But even if we don't have time on Sunday, I am happy to go anywhere with you!

As each day comes to an end, I am in disbelief that I will be seeing you THIS Saturday! Our counter says 5 days to go! It seems so fast when you think of it like that, but then I also feel like it's so far away. I haven't even had the chance to start packing as yet! But I will start when I finish this post!

OH! An important question. What is the weather like in Europe now? What clothes should I pack? Is it still hot or is it getting cooler now?

Your Sushi looks really yummy! But from memory, I thought you had made sushi before?

Yesterday, I bought myself a Canon Powershot S95! I had a whirl on it last night and today so I could get acquainted with its features. So far its really good. It reminds me of our old Canon Ixus camera, but with a lot more options, and better photo quality. I like the fun options that Canon has, and I was able to come out of the photos below:

Fishbowl scene- I think I will have some awesome fun with the fishbowl scene! Kev looks like an Na'vi! =P

Fishbowl Scene
Miniature scene - I was told by the salesman who sold me the camera, that the minature scene was supposed to make large objects look like they have been taken under a macro lens. I still don't know how I would use this function, but it does give a cool photo where there is focus on one thing, and blurring out the rest.

'Miniature' Scene #1 - It kind of makes Kev's hands look bigger

'Miniature' Scene #2 - Kev's face is priceless. What he was doing, I do not know.
The following is a bunch of colour alteration options which are pretty cool.

Poster Scene - Makes all objects one bold colour so it appears like poster art.

Colour Swap #1

Colour Swap #2

Colour Swap #3

Colour Swap #4

Aging Scene #1

Aging Scene #2
I do have faith in this new camera! I am so excited to take photos on our trip! I will be bringing two cameras, this Canon one, and my Sony camera that I got for my birthday last year! The Sony is good for action shots, and is waterproof. I can see us having a lot of fun with it at La Tomatina festival and the beaches in Ibiza!

Today the old uni crew met up for dim sum to see Vanni who as returned to Perth after her around the world trip. OMG, like everyone else has said, she has acquired the best souvenir of all, a nice Canadian accent. Clem gave Vanni, Kev and I a ride into Northbridge in his brand new car! It was a joy to ride in! I can see why people get sports cars. I forgot how fun a nice zippy car can be!

I always really enjoy our uni group catch ups! Unfortunately you were not there, and neither was Drew, but there is something about seeing old friends. I can't believe how we are all growing up so fast now. Drew and Katie are to be married next year, and Alicia! Oh geez! Alicia and Michael are getting married later this year! I am so happy for all of them!

I was a bit focused on catching up with people, and with eating because I was super hungry! But I was able to have a play with my camera too!

Poster Scene - Kev looks like an anime character here.

Auto - Vanni and Alicia thought I looked like you here! Something to do with my eyes?

The girls!

The guys!

Clem's new car taken with the miniature scene

Well, I better start packing! I want to hear stories of Stonehenge and Bath! =)

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