Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh nannanana what's my name?

Hi Anna!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves and having our 'picnic style' lunches even if it does cost a fair bit in Switzerland! For some reason I didn't imagine snow peaked mountains. When you said you were going to Jungfrau I just imagined it as high as Montserrat for some reason. It looks so magical to see white everywhere. I've never seen snow in my life and it looks slightly eerie but like you say, it's also  breathtaking!

Last night I watched One Day. Remember that book I was reading during our trip? Well I finished it in the airport on the way back and catching it in the movies was a must. I went with Pene and we were good and refrained from getting any popcorn or nibblies although she was tempted by nachos. It seemed almost every second person had nachos. I can't remember if Perth had nachos for sale at the movies? It smelt really good but we resisted. Bravo!

Today I did half a day of teaching with 4 year olds. One kept asking me if I wanted her autograph and another I had to stop halfway when she was doing her own rendition of Rihanna's What's My Name. Oh and I almost forgot, I was on duty and a boy asked me to show him how a kangaroo moves. I hope nobody was watching from the staffroom window or anyone who knows a lot about animal movements because they would've been left confused. I was wearing a dress and my legs weren't even together to do the hop and even my arms were too high on my chin now I think about it. On that topic of teaching, I'm going to look for something permanent. Before I was alright doing substituting but I no longer find it rewarding and prefer my own class. Wish me luck and over a long period of time. It may take a while :(

And for some visual and salivary gland stimulation for curry fans, I made this curry a few days ago. Could almost pass as one of those cheat instant meals. The curry was from a jar, frozen vegetables and the rice came ready to boil in a bag.

 The box it was in labelled it 'Rice in a Bag' and you can boil it in lots of water without burning anything. Genius! Considering the last time I made sushi rice I had a wasted layer stuck to the bottom. I will never take a rice cooker for granted again.

I had it over a couple of lunches and dinners and now I'm all curried out. Maybe just the tikka masala flavour and I might try a different one next time.Speaking of dinners I'm not sure what to cook tonight.

I think we need a new countdown. Maybe Christmas? Hrm...It just feels strange not having that little countdown going.

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  1. Microwaved rice is a disgrace to your heritage :P