Friday, December 2, 2011


Hi Anna!

Love the bright yellow of the orchids! The best thing about them is that they open up a few at a time over each day. The Aviary sounds nice.I'm sure there are lots of places I'll have to check out when I eventually return. Seems to be lots of new places opening up.

Last night I went to meet Lauren at Shepherd's Bush Westfield for dinner at a Mexican place called Wahaca. Lucky for her, Lauren is going back to Melbourne for Chrissy. She's going to make me jealous when she comes back with a glowing tan!

Before that I had some time so I wandered around the shopping centre and I had some green tea fro-yo! It was just what I needed and it reminded me of our fro-yo times in Spain. It was enjoyed whilst watching people shop and ice skate :) How cool is it that they turned the middle of the mall into an ice rink?

Ice rinks popping up everywhere in winter
Here is us enjoying our Mexican meal! Yum! We finished off with some donuts dipped in chocolate sauce.

I had a glass of horchata! Very similar to Spain's but a lighter version with rice milk and heaped teaspoon of cinnamon on top.

Chorizo & potato quesadillas, chicken wings and something else with chicken wrapped inside it.

Argh chocolate goodness!

Looking forward to the weekend. This Saturday I will be in Cardiff, Wales (about couple of hours train ride from London) to  watch Australia vs Wales in rugby. Not that I've ever seen a full game of rugby or even understand the rules, but I'm up for new experiences! Should be fun though as long as it doesn't rain.

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