Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekend in Wales

Hi Anna!

I sense that you are in a very questiony mood :P Or shall I pinch you  because you seem to think you're dreaming :P I do the same myself too! I read my diary entries and I think about all the things I've done and I wonder if I actually did them! But nope- the photos are all there and I love clicking through them and having all those memories pour back in.

Strange how it's almost Christmas huh? I can't believe that I'm spending my FIRST ever white Christmas in Europe where it's actually cold and possibly snow! Today was FREEZING! In fact, every morning when I'm on the bus, I deliberately huff out to see if I can create smoke. Half the time I actually can! It's that cold. People must think I'm mad.

Next Sunday HW will be in London! To think that this time two years ago we were meeting up in Singapore for our trip to Egypt. Amazing. I am terribly excited that I get to spend New Years in another country! Egypt 2010, KL 2011 and 2912 in Munich! Oh exciting stuff! I'm not a big celebrator of New Years, but the idea of starting a new year in another country is truly exciting.

My weekend in Wales was fantastic! I had so much fun! Didn't quite understand the rules and neither did the three other guys that I went with but it was such an experience.

Here's some quick pics to go along with.

Wales vs Australia! WE WON! But a little part of me wanted Wales to win because the atmosphere would've been wild!

We partied it up after in this huge pub called the Walkabout. It had a fair bit of Aussies too! Made me miss my girl friends though. Partying with a bunch of guys just isn't the same :( Did you know that the Welsh thoroughly enjoy curry and chips as oppose to the kebab after a big night out? Not too bad I must say.
Right on top of the castle's keep. Central Cardiff in the background.

ahah beling silly in Cardiff Castle
My first Sunday roast complete with Yorkshire pudding- which I was disappointed about because it was puff pastry and I expected it to be something more.
 I've decided I need to catch up on my sleep so it's going to be a short one!

PS. Look what I noticed!!! Reminds me of my dad, who probably would say that it's very lucky and something good will happen soon! Hrm..

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