Monday, December 26, 2011

A different Christmas

Hi Anna

It's  a bit past 11pm and I thought I'd do a blog on our last night in Prague before we head to Vienna tomorrow morning.

This morning we woke up bleary eyed and half mumbled Merry Christmas to each other and got excited about our Christmas breakfast. It wasn't anything different to the last couple of days, but it was an excuse to drink sparkling wine for breakky and in my case, to stuff myself silly with shortbread and gingerbread cookies.

We took our time and at around noon we went to see two separate exhibitions by Salvador Dali and Alfons Mucha. I have never seen works of these artists in real life before and I am glad we had the chance to. Two very contrasting art techniques and style. As usual, I got really inspired to draw and be 'artsy' and I promise to draw more when I get back. That is going to be one of my New Year's resolution :)

Here's some photos from the Dali exhibition. Although I enjoyed both of the exhibitions, I was more fascinated by Dali.

A bust of Salvador Dali
Section of his painting. I think it is suppose to depict a gramophone but if you look closer, there are bacon and eggs on a plate
Another version similar to his famous The Persistence of Memory.
He seems like one eccentric and quirky character. A lot of his things are rather bizarre and I'm totally fascinated how he came up with some of these things.

We spent the rest of the day back at the hotel relaxing and watching movies on tv. It was a rainy day and neither of us felt like getting out and about and I've been pining for a Christmas movie. Unfortunately there were none on and I caught the ending of The Rebound and The Bounty Hunter. How random! I really wanted to watch something Christmassy.

However, in the evening we went to watch the Prague Royal Orchestra play. We decided spontaneously to buy the tickets when we were out for the art exhibitions because we thought it'd be a lovely way to end our last night in Prague and Christmas day.

The concert went for an hour and it was a real treat to listen to them play pieces by Mozart and Vivaldi. It was a small orchestra and the hall was quite small, but I was captured by the music and mesmerized by the violinist's fingers dancing up and down their instruments. It was the perfect way to end our Christmas day!

That's all for now. Next post will be coming from VIENNA!!!!

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